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The Frozen North
Another one from the Wyre.
with the “B5 Bombing” in the hope
that its reputation for singling out the
biggies would see me right at some
point. Come September of 2006 I was
planning the up and coming winter
on Bant’s, and emailed Mike at Essential for advice on a winter bait to use.
On his recommendation I opted to
stay with the same recipe but used
the Winterised version on the B5 base
mix, and he sent me a 30kg sack to
get stuck into. I do like to do things
differently, and always have done; it
gives me added confidence, which
after all is the main component to
successful angling. So I made the first
batch of bait up and did it exactly the
same, Shellfish Plum, Salmon oil,
GLM, betaine and FF6 – this time
though, I dyed half of the mix jet
black, and half of it I left the normal
pinky-red colour. These were cooked
in sausage form of various diameters,
then chopped into various lengths,
giving each bait its own individual
size, feel and weight, which I saw as a
potential edge, not only over the other
anglers’ round baits, but with half the
baits being black, I could use a black
one on the hair and hopefully reduce
the amount of bird pick-ups as well.
At the time I’d been having a dabble
on The Wyre, the main big carp lake
up at Wyreside, and the next session I
took the new bait down to give it a
I did a three-nighter and it was a
tough session; I didn’t know the lake
that well really at that point, but it
was obvious it wasn’t fishing very
well, and was a little harder than Banton’s. There were only five fish out
that week, but what was noticeable
was that out of the five that got
caught, four of them were 30’s. I later
found out that this was the period of
the new moon, and since then I have
definitely noticed this to be a good
time of the lunar calendar for big-fish
captures. It’s a subject that deserves
a whole article in itself, so I’ll stop
there before I start sidetracking too
much! I struggled for a fish that first
session on the new bait, but I was
confident with it all the same. On the
last day however my watercraft finally
kicked in (thank god), and I spotted a
few fish entering a bay to my left – I
was fishing the Point swim. I knew of
a little plateau 15-20yds out towards
the mouth of the bay that I had found
while plumbing on the first day, and
promptly flicked a biggish PVA bag of
the black and pink winterised B5’s
out to it, followed by 30 freebies. Fifteen minutes later it roared off, and I
landed The Gladiator at 32lb 8oz, a six
Gladiator – 32lb 8oz. RIP.


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