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The Frozen North
inch Stealth Skin rig, with a black
chop hookbait and 4oz in-line doing
the business. I knew the bait was as
good as I needed then, as I’d only had
it on the spot 15 minutes and one of
the 30’s had taken a liking to it
straight away – that would do for me!
Although it was 29th of September
and still reasonably warm, it gave me
high hopes for the forthcoming winter, which was just around the corner.
That was my last session on the Wyre
for 2006, and the next time I fished
was on Banton’s at the beginning of
I’d planned to do two nights each
week up to Christmas, and try to fish
one or two different areas over this
period, introducing bait into chosen
swims as I left each week, ready for
next week’s session. I had no prior
experience of winter fishing on Banton’s, but knew that there had been
one or two fish out from the Point
Swim a couple of winters previously,
so that was my starting place. The
point is a cracking swim, my favourite
on the lake, and the scene of some of
my best catches. It has a sloping near
margin that drops off to around 8ft at
say 15yds, then slopes up away from
the swim up to about 3ft in shallowest
area, this being around 35yds out, and
in between these areas there are
patches of silt of around 4 to 5ft deep.
Either side of the point there’s a bay,
so the swim is actually known as The
Point Between Two Bays. The right
hand bay is the smaller one, but fish
can hold up here on the end of a
warm southwesterly at anytime of
year, and I’ve seen them here in January in these conditions. The mouth
of the bay goes down to 7ft at the foot
of the near margin, gradually going up
to 6ft, then sloping up fairly quickly at
25yds onto a plateau that’s 2-3ft on
top, the main feature of the next
swim, Woody Allen, the other side of
I had a few fish to 27lb out of the Wyre during the spring.
the bay. In between this plateau and
the point swim, in 6ft depth, is a firm
bottom with a thin layer of nice clean,
sandy silt, and from chucking a lead
around the area, I gathered there was
a light covering of fresh weed, perfect
for fishing over. It was just the right
amount of weed; you’d get a noticeable “donk” on feeling the lead down
on the clip, but if you wound in without pulling back, the lead would come
back clean, pull back after the “donk”
and you’d bring in a small amount of
weed. If you get a “donk” it’s clear


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