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so much so, that there hasn’t really
been an attractant on the market for
the sea that worked until we came
On the back of the Original flavour,
many more flavours/scents have been
brought to market by the company.
They now have Peeler Crab, Crayfish,
Krill, Bubblegum Cream and Vanilla
Peanut Cream in the Stinky Stuff
range. For the sea angler, the company has produced a Sea Original
flavour, plus the Peeler Crab also
works well for this type of fishing. A
new flavour called Black Jack was
recently launched at the Northern
Angling Show in Manchester in the
UK. This new variety will resonate
with many anglers who fall into the
40-plus age range, as the smell of the
product is of the Black Jack liquorice
flavour sweets, popular in the 1970s
and 80s.
David continued, “The success rate
of anglers using Stinky Stuff has been
magnificent and the feedback superb.
We currently sell throughout the UK
and to all countries in Europe. We
continue to have a small, dedicated
team of anglers that test for us, with
Brett McPhee and Terry White mainly
for carp fishing and John Cooper on
sea fishing. These guys have seen
good results in competitions using
our sprays. We are often told people
catch for fun using our sprays when
nobody else on the water is catching
anything. Only recently, somebody
had been boat fishing for cod and
everyone onboard were astonished at
one angler’s catch rate using Stinky
Stuff Original against everyone else’s
on the boat. The product has been
used extensively across Europe, and
we have also carried out some minor
testing in the USA. The results for
bass were prolific with our Crayfish,
or Crawfish as they call it in the USA.”
For further information on Stinky
S t u f f, v i s i t t h e i r w e b s i t e :
For demonstrations of their products, visit YouTube.
Comments by top anglers:
Arron Fisher: “I must admit I was a
bit dubious about these sprays as
attractors. I couldn’t have been more
wrong. For an added boost (that lasts)
to a bag, funnel web and especially a
zig or floater they are amazing.”
John Cooper: “I headed for low
water last night with my partner is
crime, Lee Byrne. Fishing was slow
with only a foggy each until the last
cast. Half a bluey sprayed in Stinky
Stuff did the trick for me to land my
personal best blonde of 15.5lb.” n
STORM Launches New Aluminium
Range for Less Plastic Waste in the
Ocean and Environment
New premium-look product will
encourage more packaging to be
recycled. A huge 91% of discarded
plastic isn’t recycled and it has been
predicted that by mid-century, the
oceans will contain more plastic
waste than fish, ton for ton.
Leading cleaning, waterproofing
and aftercare brand STORM is
pleased to introduce its new easilyrecyclable aluminium product range.
Using plastic-free packaging, the
new premium-look aluminium bottle
range offers outdoor enthusiasts
products that are not only great for
their outdoor gear, but also great for
the environment!
“With aluminium packaging having
a higher recycle rate than plastic, we
hope that our new aluminium bottles
will help to reduce the amount of disposable plastic waste going into landfill or ending up in the ocean,” says
Tim Wilson, Managing Director of
STORM. “The recent focus on the
damage plastic is doing to the environment, particularly to the ocean,
our beaches and marine life, is something that is resonating with the consumer. We hope that our new aluminium range will offer them an easily recyclable option that will encourage greater environmental awareness
and more packaging being recycled.”
Available in the new aluminium
range are STORM’s Wash for outdoor
clothing, Eco Friendly Proof for outdoor clothing, Wash for down filled
items, Eco Friendly Proof for down
filled items, Prewash for footwear,
Proof for footwear, Deo for outdoor
gear, Leather Cream, Wash for tents
and covers and Proof for tents and
STORM’s Wash and Proof products
let you clean, refresh and restore the
performance of gear in just three easy
steps, ensuring your kit delivers the
same protection it did when you
bought it – and in just one machine
cycle. STORM’s one-wash system is
not only kinder to the environment –
with less water and energy wastage –
but also to the garment, through less
washing damage.
STORM’s new aluminium range is
also available in handy ULTIMATE
KIT packs, providing outdoor enthusiasts with all they need to clean, proof
and care for their trusted outdoor gear
in one easy-to-grab and easily recyclable pack!
Fo r m o r e i n f o r m a t i o n a b o u t
STORM’s aluminium range and the
rest of the STORM product range, visit n


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