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The Frozen North
now I was off work, I was going to go
hell for leather to try and up my tally
of 30’s over the next few weeks.
While at home after that session I
thought long and hard about Banton’s
– areas to target and bait up, rigs, etc.
What better rig to use than the one
that nailed Gazza? I’d christened it
the Gazza rig, and hoped it would
bring me more big fish to the bank. Id
used it at the start of the season on
Wyre, after last winter on Banton’s,
and although I caught a few, I also
had some strange hookholds on it on
there, and on one occasion while fishing a shallow bar, I had two dodgy
occurrences where I got the old
“twitch-bleep-bow wave”, and I
ended up using straight knotless knot
rigs for the rest of the season after
that! It just goes to show that there’s
no such thing as a super rig, as fish in
different waters are conditioned into
different feeding habits, depending
on which bait they are used to feeding on, plus other factors. Wyre is an
all-out boilie water, and simple rigs
are all you need on there most of the
time. The Gazza rig had been subject
to some refinement since the original;
I changed the hooks to size 8 Muggas, and also tried a reverse hair version with good results. I started making the hookbaits with a hole down
the centre, which enabled me to put a
¾in 6mm cork plug on the hair, and
then just slide a hookbait onto it,
making re-baiting easy, at the same
time as balancing the weight of the
Bait-wise I’d spoken to Mike, and
decided to try his Cream CSM base
mix with caramel cream flavour, fruit
seed oil, and cream palatant. He sent
me 30kg, and I got stuck in. To the
attractor profile I added tiger nut
extract, blended nut oil and desiccated coconut to the dry mix as well,
and again I dyed the baits jet black –
I’d taken two 30’s last season on the
Blacks, so what had I to lose? I baited
up twice a week; I had the boat at my
disposal, and starting with about 15
different areas, putting in 3kg each
time, shared out between these areas.
The weather forecast dictated where
I put the majority – if I thought it
looked good for a certain area, I’d bait
spots in that area, and then if the
weather looked good for another area,
the next time I’d mainly bait that area
up (but I did have a few spots that
always had a hit of bait). This made
the bait readily available to many fish
in a short space of time. I fished 24hour sessions twice a week in
between bait-ups, and gradually
reduced the number of spots I baited
to around six different areas, two
spots in three different swims, giving
me options to fish different areas
according to the weather when I
arrived for a session. After the sixth
overnighter, I still hadn’t had any
action, and confidence started to
wane. I’d brought Stu on for a quick
guest session, and he’d nailed a 21lb
I knew it was a lump – Gazza at 32lb 10oz.


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