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All Things Riggy
measuring a pre-determined distance
then when the lead hits the clip the
rig will fly back towards the lead. In
deep water the water pressure will
push the choddy back up to the top
bead but in shallow water the rig
could fall too close to the lead. In this
scenario it would be worth setting the
bottom bead a distance up from the
lead. Setting the beads I do by two
different methods, either a Solar leadcore bead, or an ESP shock bead
mounted over a piece of shrink tube.
Both beads can be moved to a desired
distance, so use whichever you find
better. Although I only use the chod
as a pop-up rig, this doesn’t mean just
boilies, and as long as you make them
buoyant enough to hold the rig
upright, I've used nuts, particularly
Brazils, to good effect with the chod.
You do need a good amount of cork to
pop up a size 6 hook, but if you shave
the bait it is an excellent visual alter-
1. Choice of stop beads.
2. Long and short chods.
3. Chod rig material.
4. January 26lb 8oz on a single tutti
with thick weedbeds about, then the
lead can be tied on with just a couple
of inches of the light link to the ring
swivel at the end of the leadcore.
Fishing with large leads or at distance, PVA string can be used so as to
eliminate a crack off, as the lead can
be tied up to take the force off of the
light rotten bottom. The beads securing the chod to the leader can be set
together, or the top bead can be set
further up the leader allowing the rig
to fly back away from the lead on the
cast and land up to several feet away
from the lead.
If fishing with the line in the clip
native, especially fished over bottom
The modern chod rig has evolved
from the hinged stiff rig made popular
by Tel and Sharpy, and this rig is now
less in vogue. Although I've seldom
used this rig there is no denying its
worth as a big carp rig. The hookbait
section is tied exactly as the chod, but
a small swivel is used as opposed to a
ring swivel. To this swivel a boom
section of 6-9ins is tied via loop knots.
I know Terry preferred the black
Amnesia, but I prefer the clear, or a
fluorocarbon such as Subterfuge. If
this rig has not been used on your
venue, ignore it at your peril as it can
often pick out the bigger specimens
when used as a single hookbait, or
over a scattering of boilies.
We're just about done this time, but
one bit of advice would be to have at
least one chod rig tied up on a leadcore leader ready to go. So if you see
that big fish poke its head out this
winter, then wind a rod in, snip off the
rig, tie on the leadcore, and smack the
choddy on its head. You might not
have to wait long for it to rattle off.
Until next time, keep warm and be
lucky! n


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