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In Search of
Monster Carp
Rob Maylin chats to Steve Briggs – Part 1
ob: It’s mid-October
and I’ve met up with
a great old friend of
mine, Steve Briggs,
who came round to
my house this morning to do one of these history pieces
that are quite popular in the magazine at the moment. I think it would
be fair to say that Steve is probably
more well known for his foreign fishing these days, and of course for his
involvement with Venture Tackle, certainly through the pages of Big Carp
the last two years. Steve and Rob
have been showcasing their excellent
range of specialist carp tackle, which
has really taken the market by storm,
and of course his involvement with
fishing abroad is legendary. Talking to
Steve yesterday on the phone, he’s
already got 14 trips abroad booked for
next year, fishing places like Rainbow
Lake, Lake Cassien and all over
Europe actually, and after talking to
him today, he’s also confided in me
that the last 15 Christmas days have
been spent on the banks of Lake
Cassien. There are not many people
who could say that, and it’s testament
to his love of fishing these types of
waters because he always goes with
his long-term partner Joan for the
whole month of December, so they
have a proper holiday. It’s absolutely
fantastic when you think about it that
English anglers have been doing this
for that length of time; we can only
imagine what it must be like to have
seen Cassien over the last 15 years
and the changes that have taken
place there, but although he is more
well known for his foreign fishing
these days, Steve has a real history of
English carp fishing, and is to this day
still pursuing proper English whackers all over the country.
Those who have followed Steve’s
career will probably know that he
began his early fishing down in the
Kent area, fishing waters such as
Brooklands and Sutton, Horton Kirby,
etc. I met up with Steve probably 20
years ago now, and fished together
with him on several waters including
Fox Pool, Johnson’s Railway Lake and
Harefield, and I’ve got to tell you, it’s
an absolute pleasure to fish with
Steve. He’s got a well-earned reputation of being one of carp angling’s real
nice guys. He certainly is great company and a real good friend, so every
minute you can spend with him on
the bank is a pleasure. In later years,
he’s ventured onto many of the Colne
Valley waters, and we’ll see some pictures of fish that many of you would
never have dreamt that he had
caught, tackling such waters as
Wraysbury and Colnemere. Anyway,
enough of me rabbiting on, as I know
you want to hear about Steve and his
fishing. He’s going to take you right
back in time to when he was a nipper,
and we’ve got some fantastic old
photographs. He’s got a real history of
fishing behind him; it’s always been
in his blood since he was a tiddler
himself, and his carp fishing began in
the early 70’s on the same waters that
people like Lee Jackson and Pete
Springate found themselves, the
hotbeds of carp fishing throughout
the early 70’s where it was all happening in the Kent area. So without
further ado, I’ll pass you over to Steve
now, and we’ll take a trip back in time
with one of the most interesting interviews we have ever had in Big Carp,
and I want to thank Steve very much
for coming along today.
Steve: Well I’ve got to say thanks
very much for asking me to do this
Rob actually, because it’s been real
fun going through all my old stuff, and
it goes back years now. It’s taken me
longer than I thought; I mean when
you said to me, “Prepare yourself and
get it all sorted out,” I thought I knew
Pike were the first fish I targeted.
These were my first two caught from
the River Beult in Kent.


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