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In Search of Monster Carp
(Left) Hustle and bustle during the
daytime with a unique atmosphere
after dark.
(Below) Modern day Cotton.
bly approaching 50lb, and this was
1977! It came right in to the bank, and
turned on its side. Then I saw the
depth of it as well, and the size of it
blew me away. There were still a few
mysteries about, even then. I don’t
know what it was about the fish, but
it also had the un-catchable look
about it.
Funnily enough, I was relaying this
same story to a guy by the name of
Peter Greenstreet, who also used to
go down the lake stalking, and he was
telling me about what he had caught.
He was telling me about one big pink
fish he caught, which was around
about 35lb, but I never saw that carp.
He told me about how he hooked it off
the cliff down the far end about 30ft
up, and there were no swims below or
anything, so the only chance he had
of landing it was to jump into the lake.
So he threw the landing net 30ft down
into the water, and jumped off the cliff
himself, but unfortunately in the rigmarole of trying to right himself, he
lost it. But then he went on to say that
wasn’t the biggest fish, and then he
told me about one that he had seen,
which he called the Black Fish, and
he described the fish I’d seen perfectly. He put the fish at around about
that same sort of weight too, so there
was definitely a really big uncaught
carp, and still to this day the Blue
Lake has got a little bit of mystery
about it. You always hear rumours
about an uncaught 50lb fish being
seen, but who knows, a lot of it is figments of imagination, but this big old
black fish wasn’t, and at the time I
think it would probably easily have
beaten the British record, which was
still Dick Walker’s 44lb’er.
Other memories I have are when
the lads like Colin Swaden and Dennis Davies were fishing Longfield.
Being Kent lads, they used to fish with
their rods about 6ft up in the air. At
the time all the rest of the anglers on
there would drop a bait in the margins and sit behind a camouflage


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