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In Search of Monster Carp
(Left) Short session 40.
(Below) Les Quis.
Buss won it, and I came second, but I
caught the biggest fish, and the capture of the biggest fish was rewarded
with a £200 Sony radio, which was
quite nice. I wouldn’t have given you
two bob for it, but it was quite nice.
Then they had the final of course on
Horseshoe, and it was a massive
event really for carp fishing. They put
up a great big marquee with crystal
chandeliers, and there was a great big
scoreboard like you see at a racetrack
with all the names on it, and by Sunday, when the match ended, there
was only one carp caught – a 14lb’er
but the atmosphere was really good. I
used to fish around the regional
matches too; I’d fish anywhere –
blimey, I have fished so many waters
about a week at Les Quis is that it’s
very social. The fishing by English
standards is fairly easy, but don’t get
me wrong; you don’t cast out and a
40lb’er comes crawling up the rod,
but it is pretty easy. The good side
about it is that it’s very social; you
have a laugh and a joke, and to me,
that’s what fishing is about. You have
got to enjoy it and have a good crack
with a few mates, and providing the
fish don’t come to any harm in any
way, there is nothing wrong with that
whatsoever. I mean a lot of people go
fishing and they vegetate in the bivvy
for a weekend, sit there and maybe
read a book and listen to the radio,
but to me that’s not particularly fun. I
think carp fishing is far too boring for
all that, so if you can share a bit of
bank space and a couple of beers with
some mates, it’s good fun. The fishing
at Les Quis is run by two old mates of
mine, two Sutton anglers, Terry
O’Brien and Bernie Stamp, and it’s
great; you just go over there and have
a thoroughly good week, and the fishing is pretty easy.
Another match I got involved with
was the Sony King Carp Challenge,
probably the first really big match on
the carp fishing scene. I think we
entered it as the Solar Red Army; we
all had Solar red sweatshirts on. I
think you fished a qualifier, and if you
qualified, you went through to the
final on Horseshoe. I did my qualifier
on Broadlands, and I managed to
qualify in second place. I think Ron


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