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In Search of Monster Carp
in my time it is unbelievable. I went
back to Sutton for a little bit too, and
caught famous fish like the Fully
Scaled and others. Sutton to me is one
of the top waters I have ever fished,
just for the fish alone. They have got a
really good reputation as being some
of the most sought after carp in the
country. Some of the Sutton lads went
on to Yateley and places like that, and
I could have moved on to them too,
but for some reason, it just wasn’t my
cup of tea. I went to the Copse Lake
one day, hoping to catch Pineapple I
think it was, but I think it was a figment of people’s imagination – it was
supposed to be a massive fish that
had never been caught.
Predominantly I was still fishing the
Herts Club Water, which suited the
hours that I could fish, because you
weren’t allowed to night fish. You
never got up there to find bivvies
everywhere; you always had your
own bit of space. You got there at
4am, and you had as much chance of
a good swim as anyone else. I can
remember when Paul Forward joined,
and it was nice to travel up there with
him, sharing the driving and the
petrol. We had one really good season
fishing on hemp and tigers. At this
time the lake was ever so weedy, but
by regular baiting with hemp, we
used to create feeding spots. We’d
wait for the fish to move in and clear
the spots, whether it was carp or
bream, and then we’d go up there the
following week. Where you had put
that 5kg of hemp the week before,
there was now a big clear patch that
the fish had cleaned, so it was fairly
good, and fairly easy fishing as well. I
caught Chop Dorsal again, and I think
the biggest weight I caught it at was
47lb 12oz. Actually I remember that
occasion quite well, because Paul and
I fished the swims next door to each
other. I went in a swim called The
Stumps, and Paul went in the swim
called Daltons. We decided to share a
baited area, with my left hand rod and
his right hand rod on it, over a lot of
bait, and use the other two rods to
fish around with.
Anyway, after about an hour’s fish-
ing, I thought, this is stupid, we’re in
effect fishing three rods instead of
four rods, so I took my rod off the
baited spot and fished it elsewhere.
About an hour after that, Paul caught
a 14lb’er off the baited spot, so I cast
back onto it, much to Paul’s disgust.
He is one of those blokes who sees
red, and if he catches one you’re not
allowed to cast anywhere near him. If
you cast 70yds away from him, you’re
too close. Anyway I waited until he
looked the other way, cast back on
the baited spot, and caught Chop
Dorsal again, much to Paul’s annoyance, because he hadn’t caught it at
the time. But having said that, Paul
actually went on to catch it that winter at 53lb, which was actually the last
time it was caught, and its biggest
ever weight. That season we had an
incredible amount of fish from the
lake, and really enjoyed ourselves in
the process.
Join us next time as Paul discovers
a lake in Faversham, which was later
to become known as Conningbrook.
Winter success for Lockey and me at Les Quis.


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