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In Search of Monster Carp
ob: With just a few
weeks to go now
until Christmas, I
have made my way
down today to meet
up with a Rick Golder
to catch up on his 2008 season. As I
made my way off of the M25 down
into the Staines area, it really struck
me that it’s one of the hotbeds of big
carp, with incredible lakes within a
quarter of a mile of each other. You’ve
got waters such as Colnemere, the
Fox Pool and Road Lake complex,
Wraysbury 1 and 2, Horton, and Silverwing, all containing 40lb’ers. You
could literally stand in the middle and
cast to any point of the compass and
land in a lake, but today, we’ve made
our way down to Rick’s Surrey Syndicate water where he spent a fantastic
season this year. We are very privileged to have some photographs from
Rick that have never been in any
magazine, so I want to thank him very
much for that. Anyway, without further ado, I’m going to pass the mic
over to Rick now and catch up on this
fantastic season he’s had.
Rick: Hi everybody, hi Rob, and
thanks a lot for having me back in Big
Carp magazine today. I’ve not been in
it with a full article for a while, but
have appeared in the past. It’s certainly one of my favourite magazines,
one that keeps going from strength to
strength, and one I am always
delighted to be in with some great
names every month. I want to talk a
bit about 2008 season today and how
it’s gone for me because it’s really
been a different season to any I’ve
had before. Rob’s come down to see
me on the lake that I have fished
since April of this year, and it’s nice to
have him over, show him round, and
to sit here and talk about it.
I started off in the early spring over
at Wellington. I was fortunate enough
to catch a personal best 41lb common
from there in February, and I had a
few other fish in the winter. Up until
this year it has always been my winter water, and this year was slightly
different because I knew I was dropping my ticket because of the
changes over there. I did have a couple of goes in the spring, which I don’t
no rma l l y do , a nd w a s fo rtuna te
enough to finish with a few decent
fish in April and May before my ticket
finished. That was the book closing
on that fantastic water, which I have
great memories of, and one that gave
me my personal best common, some
fantastic fish, and some fantastic
friends. When I left there, my battle
plan was pretty clear. I knew I was
coming down here; I always have a
go here in the spring, and this year I
started on here probably about May.
Living locally, I was always able to
pop over and have a look around, and
I knew I was going to be having a
good hit on here in the spring. I
started even when I was finishing up
at Wellington, doing my homework
and coming round here and looking at
it, sussing it out a bit really for the
coming year.
So I started on here about the end
of April, May time and it’s a great time
on here; the water’s crystal clear, and
the lake is waking up. It’s quite a
deep water, so it takes a little bit
longer than other places to wake up,
and also it doesn’t really have any
Success early on, but it was a struggle thereafter.


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