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In Search of Monster Carp
By September the hard work was paying off – 38lb 12oz.
does my bait, changed the bait, and
he gave me a bait that he hadn’t yet
released. To be honest with you, I am
the world’s worst in that I know
absolutely nothing about bait, and I
don’t really want to, but I’ve got him
on my side, and when he tells me a
bait is good, I don’t really worry. Anyway, he made me a new bait this year,
a squid and black pepper bait. I
started putting that in, and straight
away, what with the clarity of the
water, the fish were on it. To be able
to put bait in and see them eating it is
another big confidence factor. It’s not
skill, that is, there was no angler pressure on here. When you’ve got a
monopoly, you’ve got your bait going
in, and you’re not competing with
others, you’re kind of half way to a
winner anyway. So I watched the fish
feeding, and I had a couple of decent
fish early on, which I was really
pleased about.
The season was coming round, and
I was trying to make my plans for the
start of the season, and as Rob said in
the introduction, I’m spoilt living
round here with the waters we’ve got.
I’ve got tickets for quite a few of
them, and one of the other waters
over the back is always my summer
water. I always plan to go on there
from the 1st June when it opens, and
last year I was lucky; I had a really
good draw and in the first 48 hours I
had three fish, which was three more
than I had had the whole season
before on there. I was really getting
excited about the start there, and I’d
had a couple of fish, so I had the confidence up, but then my wife threw in
a bit of a strange one saying she
wanted to go on holiday in the first
two weeks of June. My boy was due
to start school this year, and I knew it
was going to be our last big holiday
out of school holidays, so that was
that. We decided we’d have a couple
of weeks away, and we actually went
on the 1st June, so there was no draw
for me on the summer lake, and I
spent the first two weeks with the
family, which I am certainly not
moaning about, on the beach in Barbados, getting text messages from
friends about what had been out.
I shouldn’t moan really, but when I
got back, I had missed the first two
weeks. I went down to the other summer lake I go to, and it was just so
busy, and even though it was only
two weeks, I really felt I was a good
couple of steps behind them. That
lake had changed a lot; I hadn’t seen
it in the closed season at all, and I had
missed the two weeks of the easier
period. There was extreme angler
pressure on there this year, and the
other factor on there is that all the
anglers are very, very good, so missing
the start and being up against them, I
was really quite a long way behind. I
had my methods and I was confident
with the bait, but I was always playing catch up. I fished well, but I struggled to get in where I wanted to be,
and I never really got my head around
the fishing, but that was just the way
it was. After a couple of trips over
there and struggling a bit, I wouldn’t
say I gave up, but I was finding it hard
to drive past here, this lake we’re on
today. Knowing that I had already
done my groundwork on here; I had
introduced the bait, I had seen the
fish, and I’d had a couple of fish, I was
finding hard to drive past here with
that already in place to go somewhere
where I was always struggling and
starting off behind. So I made a decision after that to stay on here for the
summer and that really is a first.
Although I have been a member and
fished it for a long time, I have never
actually fished a whole summer on
here. I have always fished odd trips in
the spring, and then back in the
autumn and concentrated elsewhere


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