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In Search of Monster Carp
(Left) The spots all began to produce
(Below) An old warrior and a new one
for me.
for the whole summer months, so in a
way, that was kind of a new challenge
for me. I knew I had seen the fish, and
I was really keen to really give it a go
this summer, so I started on here in
the middle of June, and now, as we
talk, it’s a few weeks until Christmas
and I have been on here since.
The unfortunate thing happened
that really had a massive impact on
the whole season from then on was
come the middle of June, we had a
really bad algae bloom, and the water
went from crystal clear to a horrendous pea green colour that meant you
couldn’t see more than six to eight
inches down. At first I wasn’t too worried; I had seen it green before, and it
had always cleared when the weed
got up, so the first trip back down
here, I went in a favourite swim of
mine, one that I knew well. I had
found a new spot this year in there,
only about 18ins long, a lovely sandy
run about 40yds out. Actually there’s
a known spot behind it about another
20yards out, and it was quite a good
lesson for me, because it’s an area
that’s fished through rather than on.
It’s an area that is crossed by lines as
it were and neglected, and whilst
people know about the main spot in
the swim, I found this spot by accident really. It was a new spot, and
certainly a spot I know that others
and I didn’t really know about before.
So I started introducing a bit of bait
on there, and I came down towards
the end of June. I hadn’t had anything
off that spot; I hadn’t really fished it,
but I had been there about two hours.
I remember it was pouring with rain,
and I got over there in the boat, and
quickly got my brolly up because it
was pouring down.
As I sat under the brolly with no
rods out, a great big mirror lumped
right on this spot, so I sort of braved
the soaking then to get my rods out,
and I fired out a couple of singles out
there. It was a lucky cast really; it
never normally works like that, but
first chuck it went right on the spot. It


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