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TP Link – Portable Battery Powered 3G/4G Wireless N Router
• Compatible with LTE/ HSPA+/
UMTS/EVDO 3G/4G USB modems
• Features a 2000mAh battery for
maximum usage time
• Three operation modes available
for different situations: 3G/4G
Router, Travel Router (AP), WISP
Client Router
• 150Mbps wireless speeds for rapid
sharing and increased signal range
• 4G LTE Modems Compatibility
apply to TL-MR3040 Version 1.0
and Version 2.0 both. However, for
TL-MR3040_V1, only firmware TLMR3040_V1_120822 supports 4G
LTE Modems.
What This Product Does
TP-LINK’s TL-MR3040 is a truly
mobile wireless networking platform
that when paired with a 3G/4G USB
modem, is able to broadcast a wireless signal at up to 150Mbps around a
room, creating a mobile office or
entertainment network for up to five
devices to access the Internet simultaneously. The device is the ideal
travel companion, with pocket-sized
dimensions and powered by its own
powerful internal 2000mAh battery,
users can work or play for hours on
The device is also incredibly easy
to use, allowing users to rapidly set up
an Internet connected wireless network in as little time as it takes to
plug in their 3G/4G USB router or
WAN cable and when finished, simply
place the device back in their pockets.
4G Enabled – Ultrafast Wireless
Supporting the latest wireless communication standard – 4G LTE, with
high download speed of up to
100Mbps and upload speed of up to
50Mbps, the new TL-MR3040 can
provide users with a remarkable fast
and fluid internet surfing experience.
Battery Powered – Made to
The TL-MR3040 is powered by a
2000mAh internal battery capable of
powering a shared 3G/4G network at
150Mbps for up to 4 hours at full
802.11n speed and range. The device
can be powered via its USB cable and
included adapter by connecting it to a
Laptop or PC’s USB port.
With its powerful internal battery
and compact design, the TL-MR3040
is designed to be placed in your nearest pocket and taken on the road. The
portable 3G/4G router’s elegant exterior improves any desktop, dashboard
or tray table on which it rests with
slender curves and glossy piano
white coating.
Versatile Connectivity
The TL-MR3040 provides a mode
switch on the side of the router for
easy operation modes change. Users
can select one of three operation
modes – 3G/4G Mode, WISP Mode
and AP Mode simply by flipping the
switch instead of logging in the webbased user interface.Featuring both a
WAN and 3G/4G USB port, the TLMR3040 is able to utilize both wired
and 3G/4G wireless connections to
create a powerful wireless network,
for use at a hotel, home and on the
150Mbps – More Power to You
At 150Mbps, the TL-MR3040 has the
wireless speed and range to accommodate several bandwidth intensive
tasks at once with coverage for an
entire average sized room. With connected 3G/4G USB adapter or WAN
cable, users can enjoy online games,
stream media, or participate in a conference call, from the convenience of
home, their cars or even on the train.


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