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In Search of Monster Carp
(Left) Everyone enjoyed my 40th
(Below) All in all it was a pretty tame
find fish, but with the bad water clarity and how quiet the lake seemed, I
wasn’t able to do that, so I stuck with
this one swim and I kept at it in there.
I suffered a few blanks, and some of
the other members will certainly say
that it was all a bit of a struggle this
year. I got to a point where I was
almost giving up actually, as I’ve got
other tickets, but I got a bit bloodyminded then. I felt I had done enough
hard work, and I was not exactly
owed a result, but I was certainly due
one, so I stuck with it. Just as I was at
the lowest point of doubt really, I had
a good trip in that I had two, a 31lb’er,
and I had a 29lb common, one of the
old, old original commons that had
been in here years and years, and that
very seldom come out. I lost a fish too,
which is just one of those things, but
to have three takes and land two
came kind of at the right time for me,
so I stuck with it and I started to get a
few better results then.
As I say, I was fishing on the gravel
t h i s y e a r, w h i c h i s s o m e t h i n g I
haven’t done for a long time. When I
fished the other waters, it was always
silt and hard silt, but on here, it would
be horrible black silt with great big
trails of bubbles, and you’d bring back
piles of dead weed on your rigs. So it
was a real learning curve for me this
year, and I went back to almost how I
started fishing on here many years
ago when it was all new, and I just
fished blatant areas. I quite enjoyed it
really; it was a good challenge,
because even though I know the
swims well, I was fishing different
areas of swims, and it was good getting new fish from new spots, which
gives you a good sense of achievement. It certainly wasn’t easy, and it
stayed like that for more of less the
whole summer, and it never seemed
to get any easier. I’d gone from coming on here and having a couple of
multiple hits to being lucky if I was
getting a take in a two-night trip, but
it was good, and I was almost content
at that really.
There was a time at the end of July
when the water was almost at its
worst. I had a walk round; it was a
very hot day, and I saw some fish in
one of the corners in one of the big
main snags. The water was so shallow that they were sat with their
backs out of the water in the snag.
There was no way you could ever fish
for them, but I saw probably six or
seven of the lake’s main big players,
and they all looked big. After all the
doubts I’d had about how difficult it
had been this year, and how the fish
hadn’t been showing, to have a good
trip and catch a couple, and then the
following week to see the fish in the
edge, which I hadn’t for almost a cou-
ple of months, was a real confidence
boost. I saw one of the fish that I had
caught the previous year at 48lb, and
another fish that hasn’t been out for
three years that again looked really,
really big, and I saw the big common,
which I hadn’t seen for three years,
and to my knowledge hasn’t been
out. It’s a very, very elusive fish, and I
saw that twice in two weeks in the
same snag tree. The only disappointing thing about it was that it’s an area
that you just could never put a bait
anywhere near; it would absolutely be
suicide to try and fish for them in
there, and there was no way I was
going to do that. But it gave me that
confidence boost that I knew that I
was fishing as close to them as I
could safely. So the swim I picked, as
well as having had a couple of fish out
of it, I knew was as close to where the
fish were for certainly some of that
hot summer. I felt I was doing the
right things really, and even though I
was suffering some blanks, I felt I was
doing the right thing so I stuck with
Then it came to August, which was
really one of the highlights of this
summer, because I took my son, who
is four years old, for his first night session. I promised before he started
school in the September that I would
start taking him fishing. I think every
year, every angler has their highs and
lows, and that was certainly one of
the highlights. To take him with me
for the night was really good. I hope


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