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In Search of Monster Carp
cork dust pop-ups, glugged them up,
tied them on, and they could stay out
for two nights. I was using big hooks,
size 5, and they were really good hook
holds. I wasn’t losing any fish then,
which with how precious each take
was on here this year, was really
important to me. Unfortunately,
toward the end of September I had a
bit of a break from fishing. I had some
of my gear stolen, which is very commonplace now. I was lucky, and I got
a lot of it back. I lost a few bits
though, which set me back a bit, and
I’ve had a bit of a break from fishing
since then for a few other reasons.
So I am back here with Rob today,
and I had a fish last night of 28lb,
which was the first night back. Rob
has seen that, and did some pictures
for me today. I’ve got another night
tonight with some good conditions,
so I’m really, really pleased to be back
out, and back down here. So that kind
of brings me to the end of this year
fishing on here. It’s certainly been the
hardest year I have fished on here; it’s
very different with no weed and fishing different spots. I’ve been fishing a
different lake to how I have known it
in years gone by, so it’s a new challenge, a lot harder challenge than I am
used to on here, but in some ways, a
lot more satisfying. The fish I have
had I count as really hard earned this
year, and I’ve struggled along the
way, learning a lot. Struggling is one
good way of learning, and every time I
28lb 8oz, November mirror.
was leaving, I was planning for the
next time. I tried not to sit still, and
now it is starting to pay off a bit and
the fishing is starting to pick up.
Hopefully before the weather turns
really cold, I’ll get another couple of
bites, because none of the big ones
have been out so far this year. So I am
sat here with Rob today, praying that
before the winter shutdown comes,
I’ve got a good chance of a number of
big fish that are well overdue. That’s
really exciting, and while I’m excited,
I’m certainly enjoying it, and I’m looking forward to sticking with it for a
The only other highlight that I
wanted to mention really this year
was my 40th birthday. If you saw
Rob’s mag earlier, there were some
rather incriminating pictures published of me in it, which I do have to
laugh about I must admit. I had a
great weekend up at Jerry’s place –
what a fantastic place Jerry has, and
what a fantastic host he was. I had
about 20-25 of my closest fishing
friends come up with me, and we had
Jerry’s lake for the weekend. We had a
great BBQ in his clubhouse, and I
must add, not a lot of fishing was
done by quite a few of us. To have my
best friends there was another great
highlight of this year, so when I sit
here and look back, I have had a great
year really, and some great memories,
but now it’s back to fishing hard, and
I’m really looking forward to it. I’m
also looking forward to catching up
again with Rob, and having another
chance to tell you how I have got on
in the mag, so let’s hope, fingers
crossed, that luck keeps in there and I
can keep having a few. Hopefully I’ll
get the chance to tell you through
Rob how that goes, so thanks to Rob
again for having me back, and I look
forward to telling you how I get on
again soon.
Rob: No problem having you back
Rick; it’s an absolute pleasure for me
to come down here today and sit with
you, hear the stories, and to photograph that 28lb’er, which was a gorg e o u s f i s h . Yo u h a v e b e e n k i n d
enough to give us some superb front
cover shots for this particular issue of
the biggest of your fish, the 38lb’er –
certainly one that has never been
seen in print before. It’s a lovely
water, and one thing that came across
to me listening to Rick as I have been
sitting here with him this morning is
that effort equals reward, and you
can’t deny that this guy really puts a
lot of effort into his fishing. He kept on
going even though things were
tough, and everything was acting
against him – the water clarity had
gone from the think paint-like algae
bloom, which makes fishing very, very
difficult, but he stuck at it.
A big thanks to Leon too, coming in
there at the end of the article with a
change of rig for Rick. It just goes to
show that you’re never too old to
learn, and you might think you know
it all, but you have to keep an open
mind on these things, and realise that
there are a lot of good thinking
anglers out there, so every now and
again, something comes along that is
well worth giving a try. Just on a side
note to that, Leon is going to do some
technical articles for Big Carp; he has
promised that his next couple of
pieces will be technical ones, and he’s
got a lot of good ideas himself, and
keeps his hand on the pulse if you
like, so no doubt if you haven’t tried
John McAllister’s rig, there will be a
few explanations of the best way to
use it from Leon in Big Carp. Anyway,
it just goes for me to thank Rick once
more for his hospitality today. I’m
going to partake in a nice cup of tea
now before I make my way back to
the office, and look forward as Rick
says to meeting up with him in a few
months’ time to record the next part
of his carp fishing life. Cheers, Rick. n


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