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Return to The Mill
ituated in the heart of
the Midlands there can’t
be many anglers out
there who have not
heard of Cuttle Mill Fisheries. This three-acre
day ticket venue situated at Wishaw
near Sutton Coldfield has seen some
of the country’s finest anglers grace
its banks over the years. Tim Paisley,
Des Taylor and Frank Warwick are just
a few of the many thousands of
anglers to set foot on this intimate
and secluded little pool. I can clearly
remember my first visit to the mill
over 20 years ago! As a teenage boy I
got invited to the water by an elderly
chap by the name of Jack who I’d met
on a local water. For some reason he
seemed to take a shine to me and the
following week we both set off in his
old Ford Cortina heading east, and
(Above) The most famous lane in carp
(Below) The rules are simple and easy
to follow.
(Top right) The first view of the lake
from the bridge – simply stunning.
(Below right) The famous café, now
run by Julie and Roy Russell.
Cuttle Mill bound. My first impressions were somewhat mixed, as it
was the first distant water I’d set foot
on, and being relatively new to the
sport I didn’t quite know what to
expect. The water was owned by the
late Albert Brewer, an elderly chap
way back then whose reputation was
fearsome, or so Jack told me.
After the early morning start we
arrived at the mill, and after the now
familiar draw for swims I ended up in
peg 4 whilst old Jack fished round in
peg 14. Tactics were simple back
then, and I fished hair rigged luncheon meat dipped in curry powder on
one rod, and a home made boilie on
the other, a mixture of Geoff Kemp’s
protein mix with extra clove flavour.
Why I’d chosen that particular concoction was anyone’s guess, and as I
turned out I’d completely ruined the
lot by putting in way too much of the
very strong and somewhat off-putting
flavour. Oh well, I was oblivious to
that at the time, and as I sat behind
my two old SS5’s I simply enjoyed
b e i n g t h e r e. T h e d a y w a s q u i e t
although a chap next to me in peg 3
managed to catch one close in. I seem
to remember it weighing 10 or 11lb,
and it was the first Cuttle Mill fish I
ever saw on the bank. As we packed
up I nipped into the little old shop that
Albert ran, and purchased my first
ever Carp Society magazine- issue
number 4 if my memory serves me
right, featuring Dave Ball on the cover
with a brace of commons.
I returned home to regurgitate the
day’s events to anyone who’d listen,
and went off to bed to read my latest
carp magazine. Little did I know at
the time that it would be me who’d be
writing about the venue 20 or so years
later. Jack was off to Cuttle Mill the


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