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(Right) Mainline's new 10mm Hi-Viz
pop-ups – the perfect winter
(Bottom) Cuttle Mill holds some
cracking fish like this lovely 25lb
common, so go on give it a go.
confident on the bait seemed half the
battle when fishing in this way.
Creeping around with a stalking rod
and light float setup is a method that
has worked for a number of friends
over the years, and it’s one tactic that
can pay off when all else fails. Other
tactics like tiny trimmed down popups on short mini zigs work well too.
The new Mainline baits 10mm popups fished on light Drennan Double
Strength hooklinks and small hooks
like the new size 12 Korda Wide
Gapes make for the perfect combination. With it being winter I couldn’t
possibly visit Cuttle without a few
pints of maggots, and for stalking or
when fished in bags they can be devastatingly effective. Again fishing
them on small hooks and balanced
end tackle should get you the right
results. As there is a consistent flow
of anglers visiting the venue on a dayto-day basis, the Cuttle fish have
probably seen more angling pressure
than virtually any other water in the
country. As a result they can at times
be tricky devils to tempt, and as such
thought and care need to go into your
approach if you’re hoping to catch
some of these wonderful fish. On the
plus side the amount of carp in the
venue means that there is a certain
amount of competition for food, and
when their guard is down and they’re
feeding, anglers can experience some
wonderful sport.
The on-site tackle shop that Roy
looks after sells a few bits of terminal
tackle and bait from companies like
Korda and Edge Baits, and they also
supply their own excusive bait in the
form of CM1, which is fed to the fish
on a regular basis. Also there are a
few bits of used tackle on sale, so you
can always pick up a bargain or two.
As we move into 2009, the future
looks fantastic for Cuttle Mill; the
venue is a perfect place to try your
hand at fishing for pressured fish, and
is that popular it’s now a chosen
venue for one of the BCAC eliminators. If you’re looking for your first
double, 20, or even 30lb fish, then Cuttle Mill is well worth a visit or two.
The food and facilities are excellent,
and the friendly well-run atmosphere
is a credit to the current owners. For
more information and a full list of
rules check out
or to book a session give them a call
on 01827 872253. For information on
coaching sessions contact Roy Russell on 07763 904920. n


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