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By Jamie Penfold
s I sit here in my
front room, watching outside as the
temperature continues to plummet,
and wishing it
would warm up enough to be able to
wet a line, I cast my mind back to last
summer and a small water I fished
briefly called Silvermere Golf Course
Lake. I first heard about this lake
whilst reading Terry Hearn’s first
book, In Pursuit of the Largest. I
remember seeing a picture of a fish
called White Scale, a beautiful oldlooking carp that Terry had caught
from there. I remember thinking that I
wouldn’t mind seeing that on the
unhooking mat myself. A couple of my
mates, Terry and Simon Hoffgartner,
White Scale – the one I joined for.
had acquired a ticket for Silvermere at
the start of the season. They said they
thought there might be one or two
places left, so I jumped in the car and
drove over for a look and to enquire if
there were any places available.
Much to my delight there were, so I
purchased a ticket straight away.
I had a walk round, tying not to get
hit in the head by the less than professional golfers who were hacking
up the course. I came across one
angler who was fishing, a nice you
lad, who showed me some pictures of
a couple of the fish he had caught
recently, and told me how he had
done over 100 nights for the two fish.
I had heard that it was a tricky venue
but 100 nights for two fish – that’s Car
Park Lake standards. Not put off by
this, I said my goodbyes and continued round. Now it was just a case of
when I could get down, so the following Friday, I finished work early and
was on my way down.
When I arrived, I was pleasantly
surprised to find no other anglers
present. Happy days, I thought. I
made my way round to a swim called
Goose Point. This faced the clubhouse and two massive halogen bulbs
that shone across the lake. At night
these two lights would completely
light the lake, which made bait placement very easy. Silvermere is a very
shallow lake with average depths of
2.5ft deep. It’s a pretty featureless
lakebed, silty, with some pads down
one corner and some near where I
was fishing. You could often see the


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