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(Left) Components for the rig – simple
but effective.
(Below) Breamy tailed common –
uncaught for over 12 months.
carp in these pads in the daytime. By
the time I was all sorted it was starting to get on a bit, so I got out the Procat and sent a couple of baits out
towards the clubhouse bank, an area I
was told the carp often visited. I never
had any carp that evening; I did have
a couple of bleeps, but other than
that, the night was pretty uneventful.
I awoke at first light, got up, made a
brew, and then realised I had left the
bacon and eggs in the car. With not
much happening, I decided to wind in
and go to the car to get the breakfast.
Whilst walking past the clubhouse I
remember smelling the chef at work
out spooking the fish.
With the bait out in the area, I
decided to sort the other rod out. I
hadn’t even got a new bait on the hair
when the rod I had just put out tore
off. As soon as I hit the rod, I knew it
was a big fish. It kited about 100yds
to my right at a rate of knots on the
surface. The battle was quite short
lived really, and once I turned the fish
I managed to guide it to the net fairly
easily, and netted him quite quickly.
Once I peered into the net it became
obvious which fish it was. He was a
foot wide, and an awesome sight. I
was straight on the phone to my mate
Scott who lived nearby to tell him the
good news, and about 20 minutes
later he turned up. We hoisted the fish
up on the scales, and they spun round
to 44lb. Scott brought his scales as
well so we weighed him again just to
clarify. They went round to just over
44lb, so we settled on 44lb. We did the
pictures, returned him to his home,
and I was absolutely buzzing. Scott
stayed for a bit, then had to make his
way back to work. I made a new rig
and repositioned the rod in the same
place with just four free offerings per
rod. Nick was due down soon for his
first crack at the place. When he
arrived I told him of my good fortune
over a brew, and he decided to fish a
swim called the H. This was about
300yds down the path from me. After
resetting all the traps for the night, I
climbed in the bag for some kip.
About 3am the same rod rattled off,
and straight away I knew it was a
carp. Two bites on my first trip, what’s
going on? There are only about 15
carp in Silvermere, so when you get
one, the nerves kick in. Again it
wasn’t a very good fight, right up until
I got it near the net, then it decided to
wake up and tear down the left margin. I jumped straight in after him, as
The fish decided
to beach itself on
top of the rushes,
then panic
kicked in, and I
forgot the net.
in the kitchen. I thought sod it; I’ll go
in for a fry-up in the clubhouse. After
devouring most of the breakfast, I
thought I’d put the bacon in the toast
that I still had, and go for a look off the
balcony. As I peered over the side I
saw a big patch of bubbles to my
right. As I looked closer I could see a
tail pattern, a very big tail pattern. As
I continued to watch I got a glimpse
of a very big carp, so I discarded the
bacon sarnie and ran back to the
swim. I put two fresh baits on, and
with the advantage of the boat, I was
able to get a bait close enough with-


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