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the margin was lined with tall rushes,
and I didn’t want to lose him. The fish
decided to beach itself on top of the
rushes, then panic kicked in, and I forgot the net. I opened the bail arm and
waded back to the front of the swim
to retrieve the net (muppet). With the
net in, I slipped it straight under the
fish, and it went straight in first time.
I gave it a big “COME ON!” and woke
anyone within a ten-mile radius. With
the fish safely secured in the net, I ran
down to Nick from some assistance.
We weighted the fish in at 35lb 8oz,
the third largest resident known as
Polo. I sacked him until morning and
got some pukka snaps.
It was a red-hot day that day, and
no more fish were spotted in front of
me. I decided to reel in and go for a
wander round. As I got to the pads
down the other end of the lake, I
noticed a big humped back amongst
the pads. I went back to the car and
retrieved the floater rod and some
mixers. When I returned, the fish was
still there. I put a handful of mixers
out in the pads, and straight away the
fish turned and slurped one in, and
Polo – a real old warrior.
another, and another. I glued a single
mixer on, flicked it beyond the fish,
and drew it back slowly. It came
straight for it, sucked it down, and I
was in straight away. Then disaster
struck, for as quick as it was on, it was
gone – gutted. Never mind; can’t
complain, and after that occurrence I
didn’t see another carp that day. Anyway, it was time to go home, but I’d be
back the next weekend for another
go. All week I spent in anticipation,
wanting to be back there. Thursday
came and I managed to blag Friday
off work, as you do.
When I arrived, my mate Scott was
fishing in Goose Point. As I walked
round to him I saw a carp in the pads
to the left of the swim. Scott never
had a bait in that area, and was off
first thing to go to work, so I fished
next door in a swim called the Plane
for the night, then jumped in after
him. Straight away I put a single
washed-out bait to the pads area, and
another two rods went out to where
I’d had the two big’uns from the week
before. About an hour later the pads
rod dropped back to the deck, so I
wound down and hit it yet again. A
carp was the culprit, but again it wasn’t a tremendous scrap, and it was
soon in the net. This time it was a
common known as Breamy Tail. This
fish hadn’t been out for about 18
months, and was the largest common
in the pond. The scales swung round
to 28lb 8oz – well chuffed. That
evening saw me lose another carp,
this time off the bottom. The fish had
found some kind of snag out in the
middle; I think it was a golf trolley,
and the hook pulled. The rest of the
weekend went without event.
I did return a couple of times after
that, but no more fish were to be
caught. I had the one I joined for
straight away, and the rest were all
bonuses. I went back for the last time
for a social with the boys in the clubhouse, with us all getting a little
worse for wear. Terry walked straight
off the scaffolding into the lake about
1am after one too many, and no fishing was done that night for obvious
I said my goodbyes and moved on
to pastures new. n


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