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North Carping Special Sessions
suppose we all have had
some special carp sessions
throughout our fishing
careers; you know, that certain something that makes it
extra special at the time,
whether that be a named fish capture,
a special venue we have fished, or all
kinds of goings on that just stand out
from the rest. This piece is going to be
about some of my fishing throughout
the years that were special to me for
various reasons. I’m going to start
when I was still living back at home
with my mum and stepfather ‘Jacko’.
Back then I used to make a six-egg
mix up when my mum was out at
work, because she would go mad at
me for making bait in the house, so
when she came home, I would make
sure the kitchen was spotless. I used
to make sure that there was always
plenty of air-freshener in the cupboard as well, because some of those
flavours that I was using then would
make a billy goat throw up.
Anyway, the lake I fished back then
was a good half an hour walk. I would
set off in the afternoon, and be at the
lakeside with plenty of time to suss
things out. I always used to walk the
same route to the lake, which is as follows – over the railway, down through
the estate, over the horse field and
down through the woods, which
would lead me to my favourite swim
named The Spring. If I had a pound for
every time that I made that walk, I
would be a rich man, but one thing’s
for sure, it kept me really fit.
What made this particular session
all the more special was that at the
time, my stepfather Jacko was very ill
with cancer, so most if not all my time
was spent looking after him at home.
Jacko was a good man, and a true
Scouser with a heart of gold. He did a
good job in bringing up a young sizeable family, which I’ll always remember. Well, he knew how much I loved
fishing, and would always say, “Get
yourself down the lake, I will be
alright,” but me being me, I would say,
“No Jacko, there is plenty of time for
the fishing,” but he wouldn’t have it.
So to keep him happy, I said I would
go for the day and night and be
straight back.
I will always remember that day; it
was a lovely summer’s day in July,
and all the way to the lake I was
racked with guilt. I had the feeling
that I was neglecting my duties back
home, even though my family were
there looking after him, but loyalty is a
big thing for me, and I’m still like that
today. Anyway, I was stood in the
Spring Swim and it looked stunning in
the summer sunshine. I started to set
up, and in doing so I let all my worries
melt away out of my head. Directly in
front of the swim there was a nice set
of small lily pads, so the left rod would
go just off them, and the right rod I
would put close in. From memory the
fish would come up the shallow margins, and you would intercept them
on their way into the channel. The
lake at the time looked in peak condition, the best I’d seen it in ages, and it
was a pleasure just to be there. I
remember the evening was getting
on, and fish were showing all over the
place. It was only a matter of time
before one of them would make a
mistake, and that’s what happened.
The pads rod jumped up and down on
the old sticks, and not long after, I had
one of the named fish in the net,
called Scar. This was my first capture
of it, and I was really made up with
that. The fish went 18lbs 2oz, and as I
let the fish go back I said to myself,
“There you go Jacko, one for you.” I
don’t think I caught any more fish
through the night, so when the morning came, I got myself packed up and
got off home to tell Jacko about the
So time went by and Jacko sadly
passed away. I was glad that I went
fishing before he did, because I have
this wonderful memory of him
through this session, which makes it
all the more special.
Taylor Park Session
This is another piece about a special
session that I did a few years ago on a
local park water. I had my eye on it for
a while, and spent a lot of time looking
around and planning my line of attack
on it. I started putting some bait in
first, just to get them used to the
taste. At the time I was using Bandit’s
Ye l l o w B i r d f o o d m i x w i t h R o d
Hutchinson’s Hot Madras Curry
flavour, with Ultimate Spice Stimulator and Pro-taste Sweetener just to
take the edge off it – a quality bait
back then, I am sure you will agree.
The area I was baiting up was on the
Moxon Street bank in the corner
The Park big mirror, 21lb 2oz.


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