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North Carping Special Sessions
(Left) The Italian, 14lb.
(Below) ‘Scar’ 18lb 2oz, July 1989.
There you go ‘Jacko’ one for you!
swim, which I nicknamed Mad Corner for various reasons.
At the time I noted that people
were feeding the ducks here every
day with loads of bread, and sometimes you could see the carp close in,
feeding on some of it. With this in
mind, it didn’t take a genius to work
out that bread is white, so a white
hook bait just had to be the answer
for the job in hand. Now I was happy
to fish the water after giving it some
serious attention; the area was perfect to fish, up to 5-6ft of water lay in
the far margins up the wall side, and
about 7ft directly in front of the swim
about 50yds out over a weedbed. I’d
constantly seen fish in these areas
while I was baiting up, and everything now seemed right, so I decided
to give it a good go. The park was a
good walk from where I lived at the
time, and not being a driver, I was
used to walking with my kit; it would
take me about an hour to reach the
lake. I used to do one stop on the way
for a little rest before I carried on. No
wonder I had legs like a gazelle by the
time I’d got there; I was two stone
The lake was looking so sweet, a
lovely southwesterly wind was blowing straight into the swim, and I could
not ask for more – a typical September’s day, and the old butterflies were
going as I got the gear set up. I’d
already decided how I was going to
approach the swim; my right hand
rod was going down the wall side in
the margin, which I would walk down
and drop in off the old tree stump that
I used as a marker. The left hand rod
was going straight out in line with the
bench about 50yds out over the
weedbed. I was fishing with just
boilies, about 3-4kg, all hand rolled in
different sizes, and about 100 baits
would go over each rod to start with
just to see how the fishing developed.
First night in was quiet, with no
action at all, and the southwesterly
wind was still going nicely into the
area. There have got to be fish here I
thought, and they could be feeding in
the day, but only time would tell. I’d
got the rods back in and re-baited
them both before the duck army
arrived. The morning went on, and
just before the afternoon the margin
wall rod was off. I was on it straight
away, and it gave a great fight, full of
energy from all that bird food it had
been eating. Soon a lovely heavy
scaled mirror of 12lb was mine – that
will do for starters, I thought. I asked
one of the many dog walkers if he


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