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North Carping Special Sessions
(Left) 17lb old mirror.
(Below) ‘Disc’ 20lb 2oz January,
Legga o mutton.
and I’d caught the top prize from the
park in mint condition, which made it
all the more special.
Leg of Mutton Session
This is another session that I hold
dear to my heart. I used to love fishing
this little water, especially in the winter. Again I used to walk to this lake,
and would always get there before
dawn, and would fish until dusk. It
was a crisp January morning, and I
arrived at the lake full of anticipation
about what the day had in store for
me. I was fishing off the Pig Bank next
to the willow; the lake was calm, and
the dawn chorus was beginning.
Again I was fishing with the trusty
Bandit Baits, this time Krill and Crab –
an absolutely deadly bait at the best
of times. I was fishing both rods either
side of the willow, as what with
knowing the patrol routes of the carp
so well, I could bet if they were about,
then my bait would have them. So
with my rods out I sat back and
enjoyed the break of dawn. I didn’t
put too much bait out, maybe about
50 boilies on each rod – that would be
enough for now.
A couple of hours had passed by,
and the sun was out. It was a lovely
winter’s day, and there was a bit of
movement now in the swim, little telltale signs, a bit of bubbling going on –
looking good, I thought to myself.
Because I was fishing one rod close in
on the willow, I had the rod all locked
up, so if I had a take, the fish couldn’t
gain any line straight away. This was
the first rod to go; the rod tip just
slammed down, and I held on until
the fish turned into open water. There
wasn’t much of a fight from this fish,
but it was very welcome, and a lovely
13lb mirror glistened on the mat in
the winter sunshine. Justin, one of the
local anglers, came round and took
some pictures for me – not a bad start,
as any fish caught in the winter are a
From memory I caught another two
carp that day, both of them doubles,
but the lake had saved the best until
last. The close-in rod was away again,
and this fish went mad; it just didn’t
want to come in. It went up and down
the margins, just plodding around one
minute, and then the next, trying to
get me in the willow snags. A good 15
minutes passed by, and finally the
fight was over – thank god for that,
what a scrap! I put the fish on the
mat, and recognised it straight away.
It was a carp called Disc, and I was
well buzzing. Justin had come round
by now and gave me a hand sorting
the fish out. I was telling him that this
could be my first 20lb fish from the
water, and also the first time that Disc
had gone 20lb. On the scales it read
20lb 2oz – now that was something
special. Justin took the pictures in the
glorious winter sun, and it had been a
great day’s fishing, especially because
it was winter, and also Disc had made
20lb for the first time. n


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