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WhyAnd How
YouAre Catching
Part 1 –Big commons and full moons
By Tim Wagner
here is a saying that
10% of the anglers
catch 90% of the fish.
Do you often wonder,
why that is the case?
A lot of you may think
that the anglers who always seem to
catch the lion’s share of the fish have
one of several things on their side, but
quite often the one thing that is overlooked is the angler’s ability or watercraft. Unfortunately, unlike any other
sport, as soon as you become reasonably successful in carp fishing there
always seem to be so many others all
too willing to knock the individual or
to assume that they are breaking
rules or taking advantage of situations that the average angler doesn’t
have. Let’s have a look back several
years to when Dave Lane took Horton
apart, and a lot of the other members
where saying that he was only catching during the week when the lake
40lb 12oz caught on the brightest moon ever.
w a s q u i e t . We l l D a v e w e n t a n d
proved them all wrong by fishing
some weekend sessions, and continued to catch when all others failed, so
the myth that the week was easier to
catch fish than at the weekend was
rubbished. What those doubting
anglers should have done was to
apologise and congratulate the individual on their angling ability, and
probably learnt something in the
process. What they did was to scurry


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