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Understanding Why And How You Are Catching
back to their bivvies with their tails
between their legs.
Over the past few seasons I have
been reasonably successful fishing on
waters like the Linch Hill complex,
Horseshoe and Welly, doing my own
thing. I have been accused of fishing
full time, and even another magazine
editor has said that the only reason
that I catch is because I get my bait
for free from Dynamite, and anybody
can catch fish when throwing bait in
all over the place. If that was the case
then everybody who was able to
introduce a large quantity of bait
would catch, and that simply isn’t the
case. You still have to apply the bait in
the right place at the right time, and
then have to fish effectively and efficiently in order to catch. This was
proved when the mag editor had
made this comment, and had suffered
yet another blank along with all of the
other members on the lake over the
weekend. Apparently he had made
several nasty comments about my
angling, and asked who was interested in reading about another 40lb
fish that I had caught anyway? Well
excuse me Mr Editor, but that is
exactly what sells your magazine, and
I would rather catch another “boring
40” as you put it rather than blank like
you did, or should I say blanked for
the whole season, while I went on to
catch over 100 fish, most over 30lb
with ten over 40lb. I caught these fish
on my terms, fishing no more than six
nights a month – hardly full time is it,
Mr Editor? By the way, after setting
up on the Sunday lunchtime I had
landed five fish in front of the socalled editor before he went home –
three 20’s a 30, and guess what?
Another boring 40 at 41lb 4oz, which
I let him know about in no uncertain
terms. Dean Fletcher and Jim Carpenter came down to do the pics for me
and generally joined in the wind-up.
What made me write that piece
(Top) 30-plus.
(Right) All my biggies have been on
the full moon.


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