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Understanding Why And How You Are Catching
was to highlight the mentality of
some, and to try and explain what sort
of things go on that most of you are
not privy to. There are so many
anglers who have written because
they have been successful, and have
been ripped to pieces since doing so.
Rumours start on the bank, and soon
spread to malicious gossip about
some individuals. Most of the successful anglers are successful for several reasons, such as watercraft,
understanding weather conditions,
moon phases, hard graft like fishing
all night and then going to work during the day, bait application, and
understanding rigs. It is not because
we are breaking rules and pulling fast
ones and fishing lakes that we
shouldn’t be, or using baits and rigs
that we shouldn’t. What I would like
to do over the next couple of months
is to try and give you an insight into
what could make you a successful
angler, and the sort of things that you
need to look at whether you are a
weekend angler or a day only angler,
or the angler who may fish syndicate,
club or a day ticket fishery. There will
be something in it for everyone, whatever your angling situation.
I have recently returned from a
show in Bonn, Germany where I was
doing rig demos and a slide show for
Just under 36 and another full moon PB.
the Germans, and I can’t believe the
amount of input, enthusiasm and willingness to learn that the Germans
have. They are not too shy or embarrassed to ask questions, whether they
are on their own or in a large group,
or, like the slide show, where I had a
hall with seating for several hundred.
It was the Germans’ enthusiasm that
has kicked me into writing this piece.
Since coming back from Germany
three days ago, I have been fishing
with Nigel Botherway from Tight
Lines. We went to Thorpe Lea, which
was the first time that I had visited
the venue, and boosted with enthusiasm from the Germans I really
enjoyed my several hours fishing with
Nigel. I had a 21-fish catch with mirrors to 25lb. It was really simple and
fun fishing, chucking solid PVA bags
right out in the middle using all sorts
as hook bait. I caught on every colour
of plastic you can imagine, as well as
every type of fluoro boilie from the
Dynamite camp. Next week I am at
the Carp Society’s Winter Show at
Sandown, and the weekend after I
think I am off to Vienna with Wychwood to do another show. So it won’t
be until nearly Christmas before I am
back on my syndicate water chasing
whackers with a bit of luck.
Anyway after my little moan,
whine, introduction or whatever you
want to call it, I will start by looking at
weather conditions and moon phases,
and what I have understood and
learnt in my 28 years of carp angling.
I have been writing for Big Carp for a
number of years, and I can remember
the days of the Rotary Letter when we
would discuss one particular topic,
and several anglers would all voice
their own opinions and findings on
the subject, and it would really throw
up some amazing findings. Since Rob
first started the Rotary Letter, some
other mags have attempted to recreate it in their own publications, but
like many things, it just isn’t as good
as the original idea. I can remember
looking at weather conditions in the
past, and I have had discussions
about pH levels in bait and water as
well as PVA, rigs, lead sizes, braid,
mono, boilies, particles, shallow
water, deep water, summer, winter,
short range, long range, the list is endless, and will go on and on. There has
been one thing that has come to light,
and is certainly very high on my list of
thoughts over the past few years and
that is moon phases. Now before you
all switch off or turn the page and go
to the next feature, I would say hang
on a minute and read on, as this piece
of information just might help you


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