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Understanding Why And How You Are Catching
catch a PB common, as it has already
for myself and a number of angling
I have more recently, over the past
several years, studied weather conditions, and like so many of you, I have
learnt when are the best times to go
fishing that will hopefully enable me
to catch well. It is common knowledge about understanding air pressure and how more comfortable fish
are at feeding on the bottom during
low air pressure rather than when the
pressure is high. There are other
things to take into consideration such
as time of year, water depth, water
temp, wind direction, wind speed,
whether it is a new wind or old wind,
air temperature; the list is endless, but
all of the above will have some say in
where and how the carp will be feeding in your lake. I will look at some of
these areas in a later issue, but the
one area I wish to concentrate on in
this edition of BC is the moon and its
effect on big commons. Well I say
effect, I don’t know the actual effect,
but what I do know is the undeniable
success others and I have had when
targeting big commons and catching
them on full moons. This has happened so many times that it is not
coincidence. Over the years I had
been pretty lucky in catching my fair
share of big carp, mainly mirrors with
a PB of 44lb, but I had really struggled
to catch numbers of big commons.
When I say big I mean fish in excess
of 30lb, with a fish of 35lb being a target. I had struggled mainly because
the waters that I had fished hadn’t
contained numbers of large commons, so I was automatically up
against it. I had however caught several fish in excess of 30lb from waters
such as Linch Hill and also Welly, but
I just couldn’t get a “proper“ fish in
excess of 35lb, and to catch a common in excess of 40lb was my
absolute dream.
My first big common came a few
years ago on a very cold night where
we had temperatures drop down to
minus 6 and the margins had frozen.
It was part of a four-fish catch and
was the biggest of the lot at just over
36lb, so to say I was pleased was an
understatement. I know why I caught
those four fish on that trip, but it was-
(Top) If you want a big common you
have to be out there.
(Below) Another 40lb full-mooner.


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