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Understanding Why And How You Are Catching
(Right) It is not coincidence any more.
(Below) Even Dean Fletcher can catch
on a full moon.
n’t down to the moon, as it was as
black as coal at night because it was
a new moon. However the next few
big commons all had something in
common. Some of you may have seen
or even read about these captures in
past editions of BC, but the one thing
that wasn’t mentioned was the moon
My first trip of 2007 was on the 3rd
January, and after waking in the
morning to some really cold and
windy weather I decided not to go
fishing, but to stay in and watch the
Ashes cricket match, and what a
waste of time that was, as we were
getting tonked by the Aussies down
under. By mid-afternoon I decided I
had to fish, and I shot up to Welly to
have a look. The place was empty,
and after putting a few kilos of tiger
nut boilies out, I went home, got
sorted and got back to the lake just
after midnight. I was fishing by
2.30am, and by first light I had managed a couple of mirrors fishing out of
a swim called Hole In The Bush. The
weather was quite mild by now and it
was drizzly with a fresh SW blowing.
The following afternoon the wind
increased to gale force, and was really
pushing through the swim. I thought
that any fish that were in front of me
might have moved down to the area
to my left known as the Lawns. A
couple of the other lads had turned up
to fish that night, and by late afternoon I had moved swims and had
tucked myself in behind a tree as the
wind had really got up, and it was
also beginning to chuck it down. Into
dark, and the rain began to clear and
was replaced by one of the brightest
full moons I have ever seen. It was
shining straight into the bivvy door,
and it had illuminated everything; I
could have read without the aid of a
torch. The wind was still blowing a
gale, and what remained of the rain
clouds were racing across the sky and
being lit up by the moon – it really
was an amazing night to be sat out
I finally had a take sometime into
the night when one of the bobbins


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