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Understanding Why And How You Are Catching
that I realised that I also had a large
branch attached to my line, which
had been broken off from the island
during the early stages of the fight.
The fish was huge, a common, and
once I had her on the mat I recognised it as the Chinese Common. It
was at its top weight and at 41lb 4oz
– its first time out over 40, and was
my new PB common. I was soaked to
the skin, and I had to return to the car
for a complete change of clothing and
to collect a dry pair of chesties. By the
way the temperature was minus 6.
The following night my mate Nick
came down on a guest trip, and again
on a very cold full moonlit night when
it was not conducive to catching
carp, we had another take. This time it
was Nick’s turn and we eventually
landed another big common. This
was another PB, and at 35lb 12oz,
another stunner. Again no other fish
were caught on the rest of the lake,
and just like earlier when I had a 38
and another member had a 37 common, it was again two big commons
that came out on the full moon when
the lake held so many big mirrors.
The next few weeks passed with
even more 40’s coming my way, and
Dean Fletcher was on hand on
numerous occasions to come down
The other one of the brace.
and do pics for me. But one of the best
captures of the season for me was
when Dean finally pulled the one fish
he was after over the net. The Turtle
was finally his after trying on and off
since the syndicate was formed and
even before, which amounts to a lot of
years, even to somebody as old as
Dean. Dean went on to have a mad
spring just like myself, and I believe
he had a 13-fish catch, which
included the Big Common at a new
lake record weight of just under 43lb.
To say he was made up was an understatement, and his lake record for a
common was to stand for a long
time… In fact his record lasted just
five days… Sorry mate, because
shortly after setting up on Goose Shit
in the morning after a full moon I netted the Chinese Common again, but
this time it was 43lb on the nose. My
capture came on the last day of the
full moon, which meant that Dean’s
capture of the Big Common came just
about at the beginning of the full
moon. Once again Dean came down
to do the pics, but this time brought
down Jim “Mr Happy“ Carpenter and
Roy “The Bait“ Allen. With pics done
and the fish returned this was to be
the last time that Dean and I fished
together at Welly, and during that
time every single one of the big commons that we landed all came during
the full moon phase. This surely can’t
be coincidence, can it?
My next big common came only a
few weeks later but was caught from
a completely different water. I had
only really gone down on a fact finding mission for a quick day session, as
I knew very little about the water
other than the fact that it was not
heavily fished compared to a lot of
waters, and it also held a lot of commons. I arrived at the lake first thing
in the morning just before first light,
and was really surprised to see the car
park completely empty. Considering
that there is more than one lake on
the complex, I couldn’t believe that
there was nobody else here, especially so early into the new season. I
walked down to the big lake in the
bright moonlight and as I approached
the water’s edge I heard an absolute
lump of a fish bosh out further around
to my left. Without hesitating I made
my way around to the general area,
sat down on my bucket and poured a
cuppa from the flask, waiting to see if
any other fish showed. I didn’t have to
wait too long, as another brute of a
fish came clean out of the water right
up to the wrist of its tail not more than


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