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Understanding Why And How You Are Catching
confirmed and the scales shot around
and settled on 43lb – I had just
equalled my PB for a common. Once
the pics were done I didn’t hang
around for long, and packed up early
afternoon for my long drive home. I
didn’t learn very much on my factfinding session, and it wasn’t until I
was looking back at my captures of
big commons some weeks later that it
had dawned on me what significance
the full moon was having on my fishing.
On the next full moon I fished an
overnighter on the same lake, and in
the early hours, during the one of the
heaviest rainstorms that I have ever
been out in, I had an absolute onetoner and landed a common. Not
massive, but at 30lb 12oz, it was big
enough to continue my thoughts on
the moon theory. I fished the same
area a few days later, and had a fivefish catch including commons of 31
and 32, coincidence or not? I fished
with a guest several weeks later, and
on the second night of a 48-hour trip,
yes, you have guessed it, during
another full moon I had a take in the
early hours, and after a fight that
resembled a roach, I netted my prize,
only to be gobsmacked once I had
collapsed the net and tried to lift it out
of the water. I put my head torch on,
peered into the net, and was pleasantly surprised to see a big common
lying in the bottom of the net. On the
scales it went over 36lb, and my mate
had seen my head torch on and had
come over to help. He looked quite
impressed when I told him what I had
just caught, and when he told me he
had already done some pics for the
Absolutely soaked.
angler fishing down to his right a
short while earlier, I was intrigued to
find out what it was. The other angler
had caught a 35lb 8oz common. Food
for thought isn’t it? By now I was
completely convinced by the full
moon theory, and I had relayed the
information to my nearest and dearest, as I was sure that even though it
had been talked about in the past
about big commons being caught
during certain times, I was sure that
After much
struggling with
his little tiny
arms he was just
about able to
hold onto it
without it
pulling him in.
nobody had as much evidence as I
did when it actually came to the facts.
I don’t know or understand how or
why it happens, all I know is that it
does happen more frequently than
you care to imagine. Now I know that
big commons come out throughout
the month and on all its moon phases,
but when you consider that the full
moon only lasts for a few days, the
percentage that come out during the
full moon as against the other times is
far greater. I can’t give you any scientific evidence other than if you want
to catch a big common you will stand
a better chance of catching one during the full moon phase than at any
other time during the month. The one
thing to remember is make sure the
lake has a big common in to start
If you remember, I said that I used
to fish with Dean Fletcher at Welly.
We had talked about the full moon,
and I had informed him I was 100%
convinced by the theory. Dean controls a fishery in Berkshire called Tippins, and it has a small syndicate on
it. The lake is extremely weedy, and it
only holds a handful of fish, but one of
them is an old warrior of a common,
which is around the 40lb mark. I can
remember having a call from Roy one
morning saying that he wasn’t coming over to visit, as he had just had a
call from Dean at just after 10am to
say that he had just landed the big
common at just under 40lb. I grabbed
the camera and drove up the motorway so that I could meet Roy at the
lake and help with the pics. An hour
later I pulled into the car park, and
made my way down to Dean’s swim.
It was a really miserable winter’s day,
windy, wet and cold. Whilst sitting in
Dean’s bivvy drinking tea and waiting
for Roy to turn up, he was telling me
how bright the moon was during the
night, and that it was shining in
through the bivvy door so he couldn’t
sleep as it was like daylight. He told
me that he was remembering what I
had been telling him about the full
moon and big commons before he
eventually got off to sleep.
He awoke at the crack of late
o’clock, and after a few cuppas he had
a twitchy take fishing into a hole in
the weed. I wasn’t there, so I can only
retell the tale as Dean told it to me,
and hope that I don’t get it wrong.
From what I can gather the fish had
managed to get its head down in the
weed and after much struggling with
his little tiny arms he was just about
able to hold onto it without it pulling
him in. The fish rolled and he said that
he recognised it as the big common,
which was when his old bum hole
started to twitch a little. Dean eventually landed the fish, and I believe set a
new lake record for a common for the
second time that season, the other
fish being the big common from
Welly. Fortunately for Dean this
record stood for longer than the five
days the last one managed, mind you
with nobody else fishing the venue it
wasn’t going to get broken too soon,
was it?


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