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Understanding Why And How You Are Catching
However the best capture of a big
common caught on a full moon that I
know about came to my friend and
fellow Wychwood consultant Ken
Beech. I was walking around my
“new” water just as it was getting
light, looking for a swim when I got a
call from a very excited Ken. He had
been on his “new” water up north
somewhere when he only went and
caught one of if not the most sought
after fish in the venue. It was a common believe it or not, it smashed his
PB for a common, and in the process
set a new PB for a carp full stop. Its
weight was 52lb 2oz, but more importantly it was caught yet again on a full
moon. All of the fish mentioned in
this article have been caught in the
past two seasons, and the only thing
in common has been their capture
during the full moon phase. Some
have come during the hours of darkness, and some during the day, but
they have all come during a five-day
period when the moon is at its
largest. They have been caught from
four different waters by four different
anglers at different times of the year
and on different baits. There is only
one thing in common, and it surely
can’t be coincidence, can it?
In the past few years I have kept an
accurate record of my fish captures,
which includes swims, rods, areas,
dates, weather, depths of water, bait,
the list is endless. It is relatively easy
to do and worth the effort, especially
when you can look back at old
records and captures that in turn help
you put extra fish on the bank at a
later stage. This is just the beginning
of things to look at, and it is probably
the one area that is the least understood and studied. I study the moon
phases, but I don’t understand it, and
I don’t pretend to, but I’m sure you
will agree from my and just a few of
my friends’ results there is definitely
something in it. I can remember saying in an article once before many
years ago that if after you have read
an informational piece like this and it
gets your old grey matter working
and thinking about what I have written, then it has been worth it.
Rather than try and explain about
different moon phases and when they
are and if they do actually have an
effect on our fishing, I would rather
give you the information that you
require to do your own research.
There are currently in excess of
24,000 different sites that you can log
onto in relation to the moon’s phases,
and a lot of them are fishing orientated. There are sites that will give
you the times and dates of all the
moon phases for the next few years,
as well as sites that can sell you hand
held devises that measure all forms of
weather activities from water and air
temperature to humidity and obviously the moon phase. There are no
100% scientific facts that state that
you will catch more carp on a certain
moon phase, let alone common carp,
but I think that the facts that I and
some of my angling friends can prove
definitely show there is something in
it. There is one very interesting quote
that I found on the Internet relating to
the effects that a full moon has on living creatures: “Many nursing professionals and emergency room doctors
will tell you that the amount of animal
related hospital visits go up substantially around the time of a full and
new moon.” Quoted from “The great
moon phase debate”.
I do hope that this has got some of
you thinking regarding the captures
of big common carp. I do know that
ALL of my biggest commons have
come on a full moon, and until somebody can prove to me otherwise, I
know there is something in it
although I don’t know what. Check
out the moon phases for yourself and
keep a record of commons’ captures
over a prolonged period of time and
see for yourself if there is anything in
it. Until next time, or until I am carted
away by the men in white coats, I
hope you have an excellent 2009 and
best wishes must go to Rob and all
who help out with BC for continually
producing a top mag. n
Only two fish were caught that night – mine was 38lb 8oz.


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