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An Overnight
By Carl Bullock
hould you ask any proud
new parent what it’s like
trying to balance work,
parenting, husbandly
duties and fishing, he
will almost certainly tell
you that something has to give. For
me I wish it was work, but the pension is just too good to give up. It certainly wouldn’t be the daughter, as
they grow up far too fast, and I really
don’t want to miss her growing up.
The wife? Well, without her there
wouldn’t be a daughter, so unfortunately for me the 48-hour weekenders
on the bank had to give. Not a problem, I thought; I’m dedicated enough
to throw in a few short overnighters
each week – that should be easy. Well
how wrong was I? It’s almost like a
different sport – suddenly there is no
more dump your gear in a likely looking swim and spend every daylight
hour searching for an individual fish
or spots that they are feeding on, or,
on the bigger waters, maybe just
where they are spending their time.
There is no more baiting up areas and
keeping your eye on them over the
weekend, or sneaking up the margin
of the bloke next door at first light to
check your baited spots. There certainly isn’t any time, or light, for
spending a few hours in the best
My first 30lb-plus+ common came within minutes of wetting a line.
viewing tree with a few cold cans
wondering how the hell you are going
to get down once you’ve drunk them.
You can’t heavily bait a spot and sit
on it for a few days.
Oh no, this was going to require a
completely different approach, and, to
be completely honest, quite a bit
more dedication than I imagined. The
fishing itself is just a small part of it.
But there is a lot more that comes into
it, i.e. pulling your weight at home so
that you can leave and fish comfortably, without guilt. There are the
excuses and reasons at work why you
must leave early, or start later the next
day. There is a lot of preparation


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