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Ability Tackle Ltd – Terminal End Tackle
bility Tackle is so new on the carp fishing scene that it was only launched last
month, choosing Free Line to have their
exclusive company profile launch article within
the magazine. As the company is so new, customer feedback will obviously take a little
while to filter back to them, so we were asked
by the owners of Ability Tackle to take a few of
their new products and try them out on the
bank, just to see how well it performs and how
good value for money it is. We were given a selection of items that enabled us to make some
of the most common rigs used by anglers, from
the simple blowback rig, KD rig and chod rig to
the newly popular Ronnie rig. All products
came in a mixture of different style packaging,
ranging from simple clear plastic sleeves to
raised, harder plastic containers, with all pack-
ets being clearly marked and labelled with
product details and information.
They have launched quite a large range of
end tackle items already, with the promise of
more to come during the coming months, so
we chose to use items we felt most important
to test, which included their size 4 micro
barbed curve shank hooks and their size 4 chod
hooks, as these cover most of the rigs we
would be using and possibly the most popular
hooks bought by everyday anglers. We also had
some of their brown lead clips, matching tail
rubbers and anti-tangle sleeves, plus some
other assorted rig components from the range,
all of which we felt were the staple products of
most tackle boxes. We first put the products to
the test while fishing for five days over in
France, mainly using the chod rig and blowback
rig to see how the tackle held up, and it didn’t
disappoint. We landed carp to 42lb using their
curve shank hooks, lead clip components and
anti-tangle sleeves, and we also landed a good
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Phone No – 0333 22 44 866
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Twitter and Instagram: @Abilitytackle
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few carp into the high 20s with the Ability chod
hooks and buffer/25mm sleeves. The hooks
worked perfectly and were very sharp out if
the packet with no bend or opening even when
catching the largest carp in the lake, so already
we have gained 100% confidence in these
hooks. The lead clips performed exactly how
they were supposed to, with leads being
ejected on six out of the six different takes, so
again you can’t ask for more than this from
your main rig components.
When you look at the prices of individual
products, they are in the same range for all
other website-only based tackle companies,
with most matching up to what is out there on
the market, so for us it’s good value for money.
Overall the products work how they should,
with no problems or issues at all, so we would
100% recommend using Ability Tackle to top
up your tackle box. Although this was not an
extensive test and only over the course of five
weeks, we will continue to use the products we
have and see how they hold up over time.
Make sure you keep a lookout for more good
stuff coming from Ability Tackle in the pages of
Free Line. n

Ability Tackle


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