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Oz Night ‘The Oxford Social’ Update Dylan Harvey
So with the £7087 raised by Oz Night
‘The Oxford Social’ ring fenced by
OAPG and committed to critical projects towards the regeneration of
Marlborough Pool, it is appropriate to
say a huge thank-you to all those that
supported and made it possible:
Marsh Pratley, Rob Maylin, Tim M
Paisley, Oz Holness, Linear Fisheries,
Chris Blunt and Ropes, Linch Hill,
Julie Todd and Nick, ESP, Oxford Carp
Baits headed by Joe and his team,
K U D O S B e s p o k e Ta c k l e, M a r t i n
Walker of Catfish Capers, BAITWORKS, Scott Lloyd and Baz Lloyd
from Sticky, Lower Berryfield Fisheries, Stuart Higgs, Tom Maker, Carp
Society, Joss Faulkner, Christopher
Currie, Mike Willmott of Essential and
of course the incredible video work by
Bite Edge headed by Ben. A special
mention must go to the man that took
on this project and singlehandedly
organised the sales and promotion,
our OAPG member Paul Timmis with
support from Kate Cunningham. On
behalf of the club and OAPG, Paul
Timmis Brent Jeffrey Lee Harraway
Niff McColl and me, we extend our
utmost gratitude.
During the buildup to Oz night,
there has also been extensive
fundraising. A dedicated account was
donated to, and it is only right that
these individuals are also mentioned
as a form of thank-you: Niff OAPG,
Lyndon Brookes, Paul Timmis OAPG, J
Wells, AMP Skinner, Lee Haraway
OAPG, Ricky Byles, Benjamin James
Two men have been fined just over
£1,700 for fishing illegally at
Badshot Lea Ponds
An Environment Agency enforcement officer found them at the site in September
2017, both without a valid fishing licence. In England, one is needed if you are
aged 12 or over and fish for salmon, trout, freshwater fish, smelt or eel. 38 year-old
Lee Grant of Eton Road, Southsea, and 29-year-old James Black of Heathyfields
Road, Farnham, were reported for the offence.
They have been fined £660 each, on top of added costs and a victim surcharge,
meaning they both have to cough up £853. David Brain, Fisheries Team Leader of
the Environment Agency, said: “The majority of anglers fish legally and purchase
a fishing licence. We invest the money from fishing licences back into fisheries
improvements, fish stocks and fishing, which is essential for the future of the
The minority of anglers that fail to buy a fishing licence are cheating their fellow
anglers and the future of the sport. In addition, fishing licence cheats risk a criminal conviction, a significant fine and could lose their fishing equipment.” n
Hart, Brent OAPG, Joe Murphy, D.
Harvey OAPG and Kim Sawyer. These
donations alone raised £2807.
The OAPG built and supplied a
BBQ for the club, providing beers and
food for the club matches last year,
the raffle prizes being donated by
Rodney Smith. These matches were a
tremendous success and raised £1191
for the club. With these funds, the club
was able to start on refencing the
1000m that required upgrading. To
enable this, a personal donation of
£155 for digger hire and fixings was
made by Matt Britton, and a material
contribution of some fencing material
was made by Duncan Tyndall and further plant hire by Craig Berridge.
Total cash this year into the donation account has been £4535, as some
donated prizes were sold to keep
funds available to Geoff Waddle, Paul
Kitchen and their bailiff team. The
money used to enable these events to
happen has never been taken out of
the funds created, putting the total
money raised and spent at around
£5550. So with ALL the support there
has been a grand total of £11,622
raised. n


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