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Viper Tackle – Viper Hooks
t’s always good to test out and
use new products and give our
honest opinions of these
products for anglers to read about.
There can be a minefield of new
and old tackle companies out
there to choose from, with lots of
different types of hook, all of
varying styles, quality and prices,
which really can vary from business
to business, but to see exactly how
they perform and how effective
they are under real life conditions
and testing is the only good way to
judge just how good and how
good value for money they are.
This month we had the option of
trying out the hooks supplied to us
by a fairly new tackle company,
Viper Tackle, and available for us
to try was the full range of Viper
hooks consisting of some size 4s
and size 6s in micro barbed, with a
few barbless versions thrown in for
good measure.
Making up their range is the
Curve Shank, Wide Gape, Choddy,
Wide Gape SPT, Anti-Snag, Crank
Offset, Wide Gape Choddy and
some long shank style hooks
under testing as well. Viper
Tackle’s range covers pretty much
every basic pattern of hook you
could need to cater for most
anglers’ personal and preferred
style of fishing. They come in a
standard pack of 10, all costing
just £3.49, which is about the
industry standard now for hooks
coming from online tackle
companies. It’s still quite a lot
cheaper than the tackle shops and
the bigger brand names that they
sell, so for us, good value for
money. All patterns came in a nice
clear plastic packet, with clear
labelling of size and style. They
were all straight point hooks and
all were very sharp straight out of
the packet, with only the wide
gape having a very small, beaked
point. If you are really critical of
your hooks, they appeared to be
of a normal thickness wire guage
for your normal carp hook (sorry,
we didn’t have digital calipers to
measure the exact gauge) with the
eye also being of good size and
butted against the shank with no
gap. The hooks weighed in
between 0.2g-0.3g per hook,
depending on the size and shape,
plus the micro barb was also
micro!! The barbless hooks were
exactly the same, but obviously
without any barb!
During our time trying the range,
we concentrated mainly on the
Wide Gape, Wide Gape Choddy
and Curve Shank patterns for our
rigs, but did use the other patterns
of hook as well, just not landing
any fish on them. The hooks were
really put to the test while we were
fishing over in France, and
conveniently having a cracking
week fishing, with all three styles of
hook being used holding up
perfectly well, landing us carp
without any deformation or
bending and all staying perfectly
sharp during the time we used
them, landing us some hard
fighting fish to 30lb-plus.
Overall the hooks worked
perfectly for us with no complaints,
and we would 100% recommend
using them in the future. We will
continue to use these hooks while
on the bank, hopefully landing a
few more carp while testing out
their full range further. Look out for
more pages coming from Viper
Tackle in future editions of Free
Line Magazine. Check out the full
range of Viper Hooks at
oks/ and see all the latest catches
and information via their
Facebook, Twitter or Instagram
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