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Diary Of A Carp Addict
(Left) I had to give this fella a bit of a
talking to.
(Bottom left) Rick Golder with a fine
catch. Happy birthday mate.
(Bottom right) My partner at Geezers
Charity event, Paul Stott, with a carp
that got us second place, and a carp
that I caught in last years match...
lad named Richard who had fished
there for a few years. He would pop
over for a chat and bait a few spots,
but he never had a night ticket so
could only do the days, and I only saw
him do a few evenings. Also there
was one other angler who, like myself,
fished a few days midweek. So as you
can see it was very quiet, but there
were at least two anglers who would
turn up nearly every other day with a
bucket of bait, and bait every margin
spot around the lake, which was making stalking very hard, as every spot
you crept up on had a few scoops of
bait on it. I never did see these
anglers fishing the whole time I was
there, but they were probably there at
the weekends.
I started to expend all my efforts
around this end of the lake now, as my
old swim would make a great autumn
area; the carp got in so close that
sometimes they nearly beached
themselves. It did get quite frustrat-
ing at times when I would have a carp
nearly lying on my rig. I waded out
one day and made myself a spot. I
took a garden rake to the lake, and
when I felt firm bottom under the
thick weed, I raked it clean. It was a
perfect little spot a couple of feet
square, and I found a twig and stuck it
in the weed next to it with only an
inch sticking out to mark the area. I
fed the area with hemp and tigers,
and left it alone.
My next trip down the unbelievable
happened – my wife said she wanted
to come fishing with me, which was
the first time in 20 years, and I was
concerned… It was great to have Jo
with me, and I decided to have a nice
sociable trip with a few bottles of
wine, and cook a nice meal. After all
she deserved it; I’ve been fishing
since we got together, and she’s
never complained once. I got one of
those two-man double top bivvies off
Nash, and I have got to say they are
brilliant. I have never been a bivvy
that big, but for a French trip or for
y o u a nd the mi s s us – pe rfe c t. I
decided to set up in my old swim, a
nice bit of privacy in amongst all the
trees, and then I could go stalking in
the daytime back to where I made my
spot. It absolutely poured down for
the first two days, but on the second
day it eased for a bit, so I went and
checked the spot, and the twig I had
left was knocked over – a sure sign
the spot has been fed on. I went and
grabbed the rods and the missus, and
headed back to the spot. I had
brought a long pole with me, with a
scoop on the end, and with this I
placed about two pints of maggots on
the spot – just perfect. I fished a single grain of maize over the top of the
maggots, and the missus and I sat at
least 50ft away from the bank. The big
common was in the area; I saw it roll
a few times down to the right of the
spot. It could only have been that fish,
as far as I know there was no other
common as big as that in the lake, so
things were looking good. As for the
weather, the sky was turning black,
and a heavy downpour was heading
our way fast. The missus’ instincts
told her to get back to base camp, but
me, being a stupid carp angler with a
big carp in his swim – not likely. I got
bloody soaked, and it didn’t look like
letting up, so I reeled in and poled out
another five pints of maggots ready


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