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Arnaut Dere Lake
8114 Draganovo, Bulgaria
n this month’s diary, we will introduce you
to the swims of the Arnaut Dere Lake and
give you a little more information about
the fishery. The first swim is located next to
the dam wall and is one of the longest
sections with the length from the quay to the
stretch of bank at 120m. There is a 140m long
bank covering the dam wall, a small bay with
depths up to 6-7m plus nice shallow bays on
the left side of the swim. The swim has a twostorey hut with a ground floor of 3x3m,
completely protected from rain, wind and sun.
At the front there is a quay with a length of
around 4m where you can situate your carp
cradle, the rods and all your stuff needed. On
the second floor is a summerhouse with a
table and benches, also protected from sun
and rain. The hut is suitable for colder
weather because it is heated, and in the hot
days it is cooler.
The second swim is 5m long, with a length
of 100m from the quay, with a cove and a
fishing hut identical to the first sector. The
third swim has a 5m long quay, with the
length from the quay to the stretch of bank at
80m, but this time a flat, rocky bank with a
45-degree slope, and the fishing area is
identical to the first and second swims. The
fourth swim has a length of 5m, and from the
quay to the stretch of the bank is 70m. This
swim is located at the largest cove of the dam,
with depths up to 4m. The fishing area offers
a caravan, which can be used and has a
beautiful area with natural shade for a bivvy.
Now moving onto the big island, where the
fifth and sixth swims are located, both next to
each other… It has a common room that is a
summerhouse protected from rain, wind and
sun. There is a large table with chairs and
benches and a barbecue, and the sector is
also suitable for colder weather because it is
heated. The fifth and sixth swims also offer a
room for sleeping, which is rented, with two
beds and a refrigerator. The big island is a
great place for two fishermen with family or
friends to stay. It is interesting here that the
island divides the dam into two parts, both of
which have a long bank of 110m and have no
banks against them.
The seventh sector is the only one that
does not offer any amenities, but it has the
best natural shade with many trees. The
casting distance is 40m in the direction
between the two islands, with depths
between 2 and 2.5m. We end with the small
island and the most
picturesque and
attractive place on the
dam, where the eighth
and ninth swims are
located. They offer a
room/summer house
that has a table and
benches, also
protected from wind,
rain and sunshine.
There are two large
quays at the front with
a length of 70m to the
bank. The ninth swim has depth of 0.5m to
2.4m with a distance to cast of 20m to 80m
into the tail of the dam (anglers have their
back to the whole dam, thus creating a sense
of privacy). With fish stock of over 120 trophy
carp, 20 of which are over 20kgs plus with the
complex offering wonderful recreational
conditions, Arnaut Dere Lake will provide you
with a combination of wonderful fishing and
relaxation – guaranteed!!
For more information and details visit them
at their website For
new fishing adventures and booking of the
lake please either email, call Kev Sherratt on
07852148009 or Evgenia Pisarska on
00359895444160. For full up to date
information and catch reports please follow
them on Facebook at

Arnaut Dere Lake


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