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Pads Lake Plundered
New PB mirror of 31lbs 8oz.
and prepared the mat, sling, scales
etc. Everything was ready, but there
was still no sign of Ady, so I trotted
back up to his peg.
“What you doing?”
“Sleeping, why?”
“I’ve got one.”
“I’ve got one!”
“Yeah, you know I have. I just woke
you five minutes ago and told you.”
“No you didn’t.”
“I did mate, honestly.”
“You really got one?”
It would appear he had been sleep
talking! Anyway, now he was properly awake, I made my way back to
my peg with Ady bleary eyed in my
wake. It was only then that I put my
head torch on and looked at the fish –
mmmm, looks an upper-20. One of my
targets for the trip was to beat my PB
mirror, which stood at 26lbs 7oz, and
the other was for one of us, anyone, to
catch a 30. I lifted the fish out –
blimey! Down onto the mat, and I was
looking at it and letting my mind
wander a bit… no, put those thoughts
to the back of your mind. Right, let’s
find out the truth, up she goes.
“Come on then Ady, what is it?”
“It’s a 30.”
“You’re kidding.”
“No, mate, 31lbs 8oz!”
“Here you lift it, let’s have a look!”
“Bloody hell!”
I was absolutely buzzing – a new
PB, and a 30 already! We had all been
well asleep, and thought it was about
midnight, but I turned my phone on
and revealed that it was in fact 9.30!
What a start! The rods had only been
out five hours! Following the excitement of the 30 at 9.30 on the first
night, my head was all over the place,
and the adrenaline was going big
time! Everybody disappeared back to
their pegs, and I got on with sorting
my swim out, which was a bit like a
bombsite by now! First things first –
sort the capture rod out; the fish came
on the pop-up rod. I got a new pop-up
tied on, walked the rod out along the
bank to the line marker, and got it dispatched back to the spot as best as I
could in the dark. After the recast and
a general tidy up, I spent a good few
hours lying on my bed chair staring at
the roof of my bivvy. I was buzzing,
and sleep was not coming easily! It
felt like I had just dropped off into the
land of nod when I was suddenly
aware of Ady’s presence. Now it was
my turn to do the half asleep/half
awake zombie impression, as Ady
tried his hardest to rouse me and get
his message across. After I managed
to clear my head, and figure out what
the hell was going on, I established
that Ady had now bagged one – get
in! I threw my boots on, and followed
Ady up to the next peg. At this point
he hadn’t looked at the fish, and I’m
sure he won’t mind me saying here
that despite angling hard and well for
most of last year, and bagging not
only a new personal best but some
Not only a new PB, but Ady’s first ever 30 as well, and the first fish on the new
‘lucky’ rods!


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