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Pads Lake Plundered
Second night and another Pads Lake beast – 27lbs 2oz!
foot in lime, freezing cold and soaking
wet, oh, and absolutely knackered as
With the baiting up done and the
rods dispatched to the spot it, was
decided that tonight would be takea w a y ni ght! De mo c ra ti c a l l y w e
decided on pizza (without Paul being
there!), and 118118 revealed a suitable establishment in Sandhurst.
Unsurprisingly, following his incident
with the pizza the night before we
left, Paul opted for a kebab! We were
all gathered in Ady’s peg munching
on the Italian delicacies when one of
my rods signalled that attention was
required. Halfway through the 15m
sprint (cough, cough) to the rod however, the screaming Delkim became
ominously silent. I crouched down at
the side of the rod, and felt the line on
the far side of the alarm. Mmm…
pretty tight. I shone my headtorch
towards the rod tip… did I just see it
knock? Yep, that definitely knocked.
The rod was swept back, and yep, I
was in. It was a pretty similar fight to
the first one, and it felt another good
fish. The only real problem it caused
me was when it swam through the
line on my second rod when in netting range. I bundled the lot into the
net, and then sorted it out once the
fish was safely mine. Another good
fish! Once in the mat the fish looked
of a similar calibre to the previous one
– surely not? No. No one’s that lucky!
But at 27lbs 2oz I was far from disappointed; in fact I was over the moon.
It was bigger than my old PB mirror
prior to this trip after all!
Photo ceremony complete and
back she went! Can this holiday keep
on producing? I had recently acquired
one of Fox’s new inflatable unhooking
mats, and I have to say that they are
impressive bits of kit. They only have
one fault; once the fish has been wetted a couple of times, they end up
being a bloody paddling pool. Once
the lads had sussed this out, they took
great pleasure in filling it up every
time I had a fish in it. Couple that with
the fact that every fish I landed went
ballistic on the mat, and you can
imagine I ended up rather wet! Not
ideal on a cold March night! Following the disturbance of my fish, it took
a while to get the rods back out,
mainly as I not only had to re-do the
rod I caught the fish on, which was
once again the pop-up rod, but I also
had to re-do the other rod on the spot,
as when in netting range the fish had
trawled through the line on that rod,
and it wasn’t worth risking leaving it,
as that one was on a bottom bait. So
with the rods walked out up the bank
and clipped up, I flicked them out into
the inky blackness, lined up to my
horizon marker, and hoped that they
landed well. Then I returned to Ady’s
peg to toast the capture with a cup of
rather nice red wine, and the remnants of my now cold pizza! At this
point it was notable that all five fish
that had graced the bank so far had
come to pop-ups. Paul and Ady’s fish
had both come to chod rigs, I think,
and mine to the ‘Jon Mac’ Snakebite
rig. This was in spite of the fact that
we all had a bottom bait out as well.
Also both my fish had come within a
certain time period of a couple of
hours after dark, so it looked like a
couple of patterns were beginning to
emerge, ones that I planned on trying
to take advantage of.
The rest of the night passed
uneventfully without any more occurrences from around the lake. The lads
headed up to the shops again in the
morning for supplies, but I opted to
stay put and see if I could tempt a bite
during the daylight hours. The patterns were indicating night to be the
productive period, but I wanted to be
sure before I wrote the daylight hours
off. The lads disappeared to the shop
and returned however with no further
action. Around dinnertime I decided
to feed, first the carp, and then myself.
I put together another spod mix similar to the previous ones, but as I had
despatched around 12-15 kilos to the
spot by this stage for two fish, I
decided to ease off for the third night,
as I reasoned there must still have
been a fair bit of food out there. I
topped up with around 3kg of NBS
boilie, chops, pellet and hemp. The
plan was to have the swim topped up,
and the rods on the spots by early
afternoon allowing everything plenty
of time to settle before the bite time
that was emerging. It all went perfectly to plan, and I baited up and got
the two rods on the spot. I even managed to get my third rod tackled up
and found a spot for it. This was the
first time I had angled with three rods
since arriving!
So everything was sitting pretty.
Then the swans came. These aren’t
normal swans; they are the most
annoying, fearless swans ever to
grace the planet. While I had been


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