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Pads Lake Plundered
Part of my biggest brace – 29lbs exactly.
Ady and I had been battered with
winds, the only variation being the
strength of the wind and, whether or
not at that particular point in time it
was carrying a rain shower or not.
Luckily for me all my fish had fallen
during dry, but still very cold, periods,
which was making for uncomfortable
but rewarding fishing. As I settled
down to try to get some more sleep,
the rain once again started up, but
due to increasing tiredness, sleep
came easily, until 4am, when the
other rod on the baited spot was feeling left out and was now crying for
attention! Once again battle commenced, and luckily again for me, the
rain had abated. A very similar fight
ensued, and once again before long
another Pads Lake plodder was resting in the bottom of my landing net.
Sheepishly I approached Ady’s Pio-
Carp grub.
neer and woke him. I do not like waking people at the best of times, probably because I don’t like being woken
myself, unless of course it’s a Delkim
doing the waking! To his credit
though, Ady never complained once
about getting dragged out into the
cold. On the mat, this fish was almost
exactly the same length as the previous one, and looked very similar in
dimensions. Just to prove how misleading these fish could be though,
this time the scales registered 29lbs
exactly. What a brace though, certainly by far the biggest brace I have
ever had the pleasure of landing!
Once again Ady took some lovely
photos, especially when you consider
the time of day and the atrocious conditions. It was noticeable how all of
the carp were fighting doggedly on
the way in, but once on the mat they
all had loads of energy and were making right nuisances of themselves,
leaving my waterproof coat with a
thick covering of carpy slime!
Come dawn Ady woke me with
some really good news. Mike was off
the mark! Now we were all up and
running. I skipped the rods in and
went round for the photo session.
When we got there it was revealed
that Mike had gone and caught himself a little scamp of a common, and
one of the smallest fish in the lake, if
not the smallest, according to the
bailiff. Still, Mike was off the mark and
that was the main thing. Hopefully
one for the future this one.
Today had been designated celebration day! As all the fish were being
caught at night or early morning it
was decided that we would get ourselves up the pub for dinner time,
have a ‘proper meal’, and then stay in
the pub for the rest of the afternoon
before returning to the lake prior to
dusk in time to, hopefully, pub chuck
our way to some more fish! Before we
left however, there was plenty to do.
Ady had had enough of waiting for
the carp to turn up in Waiting Man’s,
so he decided a move was in order,
and The Main Pads swim was his
choice. It’s not a brief task moving a
week’s worth of gear, but it turned out
to be the right move, and worth the
effort. The fish we had seen whilst we
had been there had all been in groups
of roughly four to eight, therefore I
reasoned that more than likely, these
mini-shoals were moving over the
bait, and then one was slipping up. As
I had been lucky enough to land two
the previous night, I supposed that
they might well have made a decent
dent in the food supply I had laid out
for them. So I decided to fill it in, and
another bucketful, roughly 10kg of
spod mix, was despatched to the
spot. The only difference being this
time I upped the boilie content considerably, the idea being they knew
where the food was, now was the
time to get them really troughing on a
proper food source and try to up the
ante a bit.
I was in a bit of a quandary because
I couldn’t see the spot I had been
catching off remaining productive for
Welcome to head bang hell!!


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