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Pads Lake Plundered
a full week, and I was actually quite
keen for a move, but then again I wasn’t about to move when I was catching, so I decided to take it a night at a
time. With the spodding complete,
and Ady having moved swims to
opposite me in the Main Pads, we
gathered in the car park, and decided
to take a walk round the Car Park
Lake and then up to the Pub. With our
tour of Heather’s home complete we
raced up to the Royal Oak, scene of
many a carp party, and very soon, one
more to add to the list. Apparently
this pub is famed for its burgers, so
we all sampled one. Two Ultimate
Burgers and two Mexican Chilli Burgers were soon on their way – maybe
not the best idea considering the portaloos! I must say that they were not
disappointing; in fact they were first
class! You may have noticed by now, I
am fond of my food! Once we were all
refuelled, it was onto the darts board
for a game of killer, and then pool and
a good evening was had. There was
only one problem, sorry to the southerners reading this, but southern beer
is awful, so it was not very long into
the afternoon before we were all on
the vodka Red Bulls. It was, for me,
probably the best part of the week. I
think through the afternoon the landlady supplied us with a few free nips
as well, which went down a treat! She
was most definitely falling for Ady’s
northern charm! About an hour later
than planned, we rolled out of the pub
and back up Sandhurst lane, with
some members of the party eager to
return for the karaoke and disco on
the Friday night! As a footnote here, it
was rather warm in the pub, certainly
in comparison to where we had spent
the previous few days. Poor old Ady
was overheating, and decided it was
no good, he would have to remove his
long johns, so off to the toilet he went.
He then proceeded to come back and
continue to play darts with his long
johns placed firmly on his head!
Once back at the lake, having staggered back from the pub considerably
later than planned, it was decidedly
gloomy, and we didn’t have very long
at all to get the rods out. I tied new
baits on, walked them out down the
bank, and clipped them up. With the
light quickly fading, the two rods to
the productive spot both went out
bang on, first time. Maybe I should
have a quick vodka before every
recast to steady the arms! Having not
Dawn over the Pads Lake.
had much sleep the previous night, I
should have been knackered, but the
Red Bull saw to it that I was awake for
a good few hours before eventually
dozing off. Once again some time during the hours of darkness I was
alerted to a take. This one did not
really feel like it had the weight of the
others however, and was soon residing in the bottom of my landing net.
To be honest, by this stage the lake
A proper ‘un for Mike.
had really spoiled us, me especially.
Back home any 20lb’er is worth making a fuss of, but this was, except for
Mike’s fish, the smallest of the trip by
a good bit. On closer inspection
though, I thought that I had landed
my first ever leather, but the fish had
a row of scales along the top of its
back on each side. I think in the pictures though, these are not readily
noticeable. With the pictures done


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