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Pads Lake Plundered
and the fish slipped back, it wasn’t
long before I was once again knocking out the Z’s.
Come morning I was coming to in
one of those half asleep half awake
type states when a buzzer brought
me round. To start with I think I
thought it was mine, but I soon
realised it couldn’t be. I slipped my
bivvy slippers on and wandered out in
to the gloom of morning to try to
establish what was happening. Having wandered out, I expected to see
Ady out of his bivvy on the opposite
bank and playing a fish, but he wasn ’t . I c o u l d n ’t s e e P a u l o r M i k e
because I had yet to put my contact
lenses in, so I disappeared back into
the confines of the Titan and put my
‘eyes’ in. That’s better. Now I could
clearly see Mike right up the other
end of the lake stood outside of his
bivvy, and it looked like he had just
netted one! Having only bagged the
one little one so far, I was really hoping this was going to be a good one. I
reeled in, grabbed my camera, and
headed up towards The Point swim.
As I rounded the corner and
approached the back of Mike’s bivvy I
became aware of a really gorgeous
sunrise that we were currently experiencing. I asked Mike whether it was
a good’un, and he confirmed it was,
so I congratulated him on the fish,
and then set about the sunrise with
my G6 before it disappeared. With the
scenic photos out of the way, our
attention turned to the fish. Unfortunately the fish was suffering with the
same type of growth/deformity on
one flank as Paul’s 31. The other side
however was really nice, and the fish
had a lovely shape to it.
The scales revealed a weight of
27lb 15oz; a right bruiser of a fish. I
think everyone was chuffed that Mike
now also had a good fish under his
belt. The fish was slipped back into
the peg just to the side of the point,
which faces into the small bay, a peg
which was the scene of both Mr
Hearn’s and Mr Gray’s captures of the
famous Jumbo, which used to inhabit
this wonderful lake. Following the
release of the Cypry I celebrated the
capture with Mike over a nice hot
brew. As Mike was boiling the kettle, I
was sat on the conveniently placed
log watching a new day dawn. This
peg is a really great vantage point for
the whole of the lake. I was gazing
idly at the lake when a hoofing great
carp launched itself right out of the
water up to the wrist of its tail before
crashing back into the lake. Without
doubt that was a 30! Unfortunately
Mike missed the emergence of the
beast, as he was busy making my
brew, however following that glorious
sight, I urged him to get his rod back
out, as it didn’t look a million miles
away from where he had been fishing.
Above all, that is probably the memory that will stay with me from the
trip, sat there on the log in the weak
rays of dawn’s sunlight soaking up
the atmosphere and seeing that fish
just appear as if by magic. Brilliant.
I can’t recall very much happening
that day. Without doubt I would have
topped the swim up with a bit of spod
mix, but I think it was a quiet day in
general. I had bought, whilst up at the
pub the previous day, some back
leads to try to keep my lines down out
the way of the swans. I am pleased to
say this worked to a degree, but I
wasn’t keen on them, as I really do
hate using backleads. I put my third
rod back out again that night, only the
second night of the session I had
angled with three rods. Whilst we had
been there I had seen a total of three
fish crash out, and they had all been
in the same general area, about
halfway between me and Mike, about
in the middle of the lake in one direction, but across towards the opposite
The move was paying off.
bank to Paul in the other direction, if
that makes any sense! Basically, they
were about as far away from anyone
as they could be. Previously I had no
access to them, as Ady was to my
right, and that would have meant
casting right across the front of him.
But now he had moved opposite me,
which meant I wouldn’t be interfering
with anyone. I put a 4oz distance lead
on, tied an HBS Indian Spice pop-up
on, and launched it up the lake
towards the general area. If you’re not
in it… Once the rods were back out
and settled for the night, I had a guest
round for dinner. Ady was interested
in the curry that was being assembled, and was keen to act as taste
tester. I say assembled; I had a two
cans of Tesco’s finest, a tikka and a
korma, which when combined, as all
good Indians know, make a tikorma! I
also had some of Uncle Ben’s boil-inthe-bag grains to go with the tikorma.
Ady was fishing the rice out of the
box and putting them in the pan of
“How many bags do we need
Mally, one or two?”
“Stick three in mate.”
“Three? Are you sure?”
“Yeah, it’s a bag per person innit?
So three will be about right for me and
So he stuck three in, and about
halfway through cooking it, I thought,


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