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Pads Lake Plundered
bloody hell, that looks like a lot of rice.
So I had a look at the box, and it was
one bag for two people, so we had
enough rice for six people on the go!
Oh well. It all worked out well in the
end though, and the curry tasted
weird, but nice! And do you know
what, there was hardly any rice left
over! No wonder I’ve got a double
chin on half the photos! With the tikorma consumed, Ady wobbled back to
his new swim, and I settled in for the
night. I was laid on my bedchair reading a book when I received the take
from hell. There was no pausing to
slip the bivvy slippers on with this
one; it was a ‘straight out into the
mud in my socks’ job. By the time I
got to the rod, the fish was right
across the far margin. I think if I
hadn’t got to it when I did, it would
have beached itself in Ady’s margin.
With wet feet and the clutch now
tightened up, I could feel a fish going
mad on the other end, but with no real
weight to it. It put up a really good
scrap this one, but my thoughts were
confirmed when an 18lb mirror
slipped over the drawcord of my waiting net. A couple of quick snaps, and
the fish was slipped back. I had a feeling that this area was dying off now,
as my fish did seem to be getting
smaller. The only trouble was, after
tonight I only had one more night to
fish, so no real time to get another
area going. Not only that but I was
still catching.
The rest of the night was pretty
The biggest of the lot.
much uneventful, and for once, I got a
good night’s kip. So good in fact, that
when Mike came around to wake me
in the morning to take photos of a fish
for Ady, he couldn’t wake me, despite
shaking me. Apparently I was also
having a good old chat with myself,
which Mike heard from well up the
bank, and assumed I was on the
Do you think he was happy?
Second PB and second 30.
phone to someone! A sure sign I was
sound asleep. Mike took my camera
and gave Ady’s fish the David Bailey
treatment in my absence! It was a
good result for Ady, proving that the
move he had made from Waiting
Man’s to the Main Pads had been the
right one. As you can imagine, after
waking Ady up several times over the
last few days to photo my fish, and
then not waking up for his, I got called
all sorts of names when I finally did
rouse. I would expect nothing less,
and would have done the same had
the boot been on the other foot! For
the record Ady’s fish was another
nice one of 29lb 4oz, keeping his average just over 30lbs! Good angling
I had planned on packing away all
of my inessential gear on the last day
and taking it back to the car to save


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