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Pads Lake Plundered
Last night – second fish.
time on the final morning, but I did
nothing of the sort. We ventured up to
the off license and had a celebration
instead! Well it was only right wasn’t
it! Most of the afternoon was spent in
various pegs consuming Stella and
really enjoying ourselves. In between
cans I did find time at some stage to
spod a bit of bait out for the final
night. As the HBS Indian Spice popup hadn’t done the trick the night
before, I decided to keep the faith and
revert back to a good old glugged-up
Newfields NBS 5 pop-up for the final
night on the long chuck rod. With the
celebrators dispersed, I was back in
my bivvy reading when I heard one of
Ady’s alarms crying for attention. I
stepped out into the dark, and
enquired across the calm dark lake
whether he had one. Due to the still
night, little more than a normal talking voice was needed to communicate across this narrow end of the
lake. Ady confirmed that he was playing a fish, but unfortunately a short
while later he lost it to a hook pull.
Quite astonishingly this was the first,
and last, fish we lost out of a total of
16 runs. Not bad at all! It could only
have been an hour or so later when I
heard Ady’s alarm again, and he was
into another fish. I reeled in and went
round to see if I could assist. By the
time I arrived the fish was just about
played out, and I had the duty of
scooping it up into the waiting net.
This was yet another big fish that we
all thought might go 30, and it did, the
Reubens stopping at 32lb 14oz! Our
fifth thirty of the trip, the biggest one
yet, and yet another new personal
best! What a cracking way to sign off
on the last night, but that was only
the start of the action! I took loads of
photos on my camera, but unfortu-
A Brucey bonus.
nately not very many of them came
out, with a lot of them ending up
blurry. Still, I did manage to get a few
nice ones, including a couple of good
My memory is a bit sketchy now,
but it couldn’t have been more than
an hour later, and I was yet again reeling in to go and photograph another
fish, for Paul this time; his second fish
and of the trip, and well deserved. It
was another chunk as well at 28lb
9oz. Not only that, but it was definitely one of the nicer ones of the trip
– more than anything, it was just a bit
different from the norm. This fish
meant that Paul had caught on the
first night and the last night of the
trip, but had a long blank period in
between. I am sure that made this
capture all the more sweet for him,
and everyone was pleased he had
bagged another. Right through the
blank period he didn’t get down
about it once. Well done, mate! With
two nice carp landed, our last night
had already proved to be a good one.
It was with a tired sigh that I finally
crashed out somewhere around midnight. It couldn’t have been long
afterwards though that I was awoken
to a short series of bleeps. I had been
getting pick-ups periodically off mallards however, and put it down to one
of the pesky birds, as the run stopped
as quickly as it had started. A couple
of seconds later though, a more pressing urgent series of bleeps had me on
my feet investigating. It was then that


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