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Pads Lake Plundered
King of the Commons.
I noticed that it was the long chuck
rod that was receiving the attention.
Being a single hookbait, that changed
things completely, and I picked the
rod up, wound down, and swept it
back over my shoulder. With the rod
now compressed, I felt a couple of
kicks – fish on! At range I couldn’t
really feel too much, and it was pretty
much a case of pumping whatever
was on the end back to a reasonable
sort of range. For the first half of the
battle, I wasn’t even that sure if I had
anything on or not. Once I had
retrieved about 50yds of line though,
the fish started to make its presence
felt, and was giving me a good
weighty scrap. Luckily for me Ady
had also heard the alarm, and had
stepped out of his home to see what
was happening. Before long he was at
my side. Out of the fish I had, this one
probably gave me the best fight, but
before long the 2 3/4lb SP’s made
their presence felt, and guided the
fish into the waiting net. Once on the
mat, yet again, I thought how this
was one of the nicer fish I had been
lucky enough to land.
Ordinarily it wouldn’t have stood
out I suppose, but in a sea of similar
looking Simmos it was something a
bit different. It was also another hefty
fish, weighing in at 27lb 14oz, another
fish that would have been a personal
best mirror but for the 30 on the first
night. The Pads Lake was really spoiling us now on our last night. It was
nice to catch a bonus fish as well that
didn’t come off the baited spot, which
by now seemed to have really dried
up. I woke quite late on our final
morning, and really I still didn’t want
to get out of the bag. As we had to be
off the lake by 10am though, I had to
make a move, so I made a deal with
myself; a bowl of cereal, and then I
would begin to pack up. As I
munched on my cereal, I could see
Mike and Paul already had their
bivvies down, and Ady was also in the
process of packing up. I had not long
finished my breakfast though, and I
managed to get out of my deal. Ady
shouted across that Mike was into a
fish. I grabbed my camera, and we
headed up for the photo session. A
real last gasp fish that was, as by then
most of his gear was packed away, I
think. As we were walking up the
Split Lake/Pads Lake bank, Mike
shouted across that it was a common.
That was only the second common of
the trip, and both had been out to
Mike, so he was then crowned The
King of Commons! Not a bad title to
have if you ask me! On our arrival at
his peg, Mike hoisted the fish out the
water and onto his mat. It was a stunning common as well, and not a small
one either! It was quite obvious
straight away that this fish won the
award for the best looking of the
week. It was not happy at being
caught either; all of its fins were sticking out, bristling with defiance. It was
a really lean, nice looking common,
and I know it’s often said, but it really
wouldn’t have looked out of place
swimming around in Redmire.
That fish, unsurprisingly, was the
end of our action, as an hour or two
later we were back in the car park trying to fit all of the gear back into the
motors. Despite the reduction in food
and bait, it was still as tight, if not
tighter getting everything away for
the return journey. One last trip to
Yateley Angling Centre, and we were
on our way. A stop at the services on
the M1, and before we knew it we
were back in not so sunny Scunny,
reflecting on a fantastic week’s fishing! All of the fish we caught that
week came to Newfields Fantastic
NBS 5 boilies, an absolutely awesome
bait. If you’re looking for a new bait,
and want something that’s up there
with the best but won’t break the
bank, I suggest you take a look! Their
gear has never let me down, and the
carp just love it – simple as that. n


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