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Part 2 by Ben Jones
fter having such a
great start on
Sandy in the first
month I had spent
o n t h e v e n u e, I
decided I was
going to spend the rest of the season
on there, and had already thought
about how I was going to approach
the rest of the summer into autumn
on the venue. Although I had good
results previously on the plastic corn,
I was going to start introducing
something that would be better longterm, and continue to use to Club
Mix, although this had proved to be
instant as soon as I started using it. It
was a couple of weeks after I had the
big hit on Sandy, and I was back for
the first time to get the rods out,
though this time armed with mainly
boilies. I had taken with me 5kg of
14mm Club Mix, and 5kg of 18mm
Club Mix freezer baits, with a couple
of kilos of the 10mm readymades,
along with a 25kg sack of trout pellets
for the 72-hour session I was planning. I took a fair amount, as the previous session they were clearly having a bit of bait.
I turned up on the Monday morning
and there wasn’t one car in the main
car park, something that’s a very rare
occurrence nowadays, so I was surprised to say the least. I knew it
would not stay like that for long, so I
was off on my wanders to try to find a
few fish. After doing a few laps of the
lake and introducing a bit of bait into
a few spots in the edge, I had not seen
anything to really have a go at,
although whilst I was doing this I had
noticed a number of fish showing in
front of a swim known as the Pipes, so
I decided to start there. As I began to
unload the porter, a fish lumped out in
A quick couple of hours produced this 31lb common.
front of me at around 60yds, so I just
cast out two single hookbaits whilst I
unpacked and got myself set up. A
few more had topped over the area, so
now I was all settled in, I pulled the
two rods back and recast them to the
area, but shortened the hooklinks and
placed them both in solid PVA bags,
as I wanted to get just enough bait
out for a quick bite for the time being
without disturbing it too much. I put
my third rod out with the same tactics, but cast this only 30yds and
down to my left where I’d also seen a
couple show. My rods were not out
long when the left hand rod burst into
action, and after a spirited fight I went
on to land a pristine 28lb 4oz common. This prompted me to add some
more bait, and over the next three
days I went on to introduce the whole
sack of pellet and the vast majority of
the boilies. I ended up with an 11-fish


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