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I do believe one key area was the fact
the majority of anglers do tend to use
maggots on Sandhurst, even throughout the summer months, whereas I
was baiting heavily with boilies and
more nutritious food items, and it was
evident the fish were preferring the
bigger food items. Of course I am not
saying maggots do not work, as they
are devastating at the right time of
year (generally through the winter
months and early spring), but imagine
what the weights of these fish would
be if the boilies had been used in
larger quantities, and by more anglers
rather than people piling in the maggots. We all know the fish will not put
weight on with the maggots, which is
something I have seen on my previous water, Swan Valley. As soon as the
maggots had become used by a large
percentage of anglers on the venue,
the fishes’ weights dropped quite a
lot through the summer months, and
after spawning they were not putting
the weights back on quickly, which is
again something that has happened
on Sandhurst this year. I believe a lot
of places have really had a good
(Top) Opportunist angling was never
wasted on Sandhurst.
(Below) A stunning 29lb 2oz common
caught first trip back after a small
spawn this year, and there are a lot of
big known fish well down in weight,
with some dropping as much as 10lb,
but this can only do them good for the
future, and hopefully give them even
more room to grow on.
I had now pulled off Sandhurst, just
going back for the odd day session
here and there through the winter
months, plus doing the odd
overnighter on another venue with a
few nice fish up to just over 30. It was
not until beginning of March that I
was back down to Sandhurst for a
weekend session whilst doing a work
party on the lake. It was more of a
social on this occasion than anything
too serious, and the lake was fishing
very slowly at the time – hardly anything had been out in the previous
couple of weeks. It didn’t take long for
me to get back into the swing of
things on Sandy, as I caught one of
only two fish out that weekend, a
cracking 29lb 2oz common, whilst the
other fish was the stunning Cracker
at just over 40 to another bailiff, Darren. It was evident that the fish were
well on the bait, and I was back down
the following Saturday just for a single overnighter. The fish had not been
playing ball again and things had
been very slow. I arrived at the lake on
the Saturday, expecting it to be very


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