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(Above) 34lb common, one of five fish
caught on an overnighter when
nothing else was caught.
(Bottom left) Scaling down proved
devastating on Sandhurst.
(Bottom right)A 36lb 4oz common
caught on a very cold night, but when
the fish activity was unbelievable
busy, but to my joy it wasn’t too bad.
A few of the main areas were devoid
of anglers, and I decided to set up in
the Pipes swim. It was mid-afternoon
when the weather just changed to
being perfect for the time of year, and
the wind was howling into the Secret,
it was the first big southwesterly
wind, and the air temperature had
certainly risen.
It was not long before it was very
overcast with a slight drizzle of rain,
and it was looking perfect for a bite.
Nor was it long before the fish started
showing themselves heavily for the
first time since the winter slumber. I
decided to use my new boat, as I did
not want to start chucking leads
about and ruining my chances of a
bite. Now I know boats are not everyone’s cup of tea, but a couple of my
friends had been using them, and
another venue I had been fishing
there were a lot of areas that were
inaccessible without the aid of a bait
boat. I do not use it all the time, but I
do like to use it when putting baits
out to showing fish, as you can get
the hookbaits out without any distur-
bance. I placed all three rods on the
Club Mix hookbaits, and filled just
one hopper with 5-6 balls of Growler
bag mix combined with the Squid
and Octopus Up and Down mix,
something that has proved devastating on Sandhurst for me, mainly, I
think, because hardly any anglers use
groundbait, and secondly in such a
shallow water the Up and Down mix
works that much quicker, pulling fish
down from all depths to the awaiting
hookbait. All three rods were placed
out to the areas where the fish had
been showing themselves, and it was
only about 20 minutes or so before the


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