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(Above) The one I was after – the
stunning Scaley at 40lb 4oz.
(Below) A place I will never forget,
and spent so many happy hours.
believe it – here I was with the one
fish I was after the most, the magnificent Scaley, and at over 40lbs too.
What made it even more special to
me was the fact I had caught my first
40 from Sandhurst, and my dad was
with me to witness the capture. After
all it’s to my dad that most appreciation goes, after all those years of paying for me to go fishing and looking
after me whilst on the bank when I
was younger, and keeping me going
at something I love doing. Most of my
friends of the same age as me who I
fished with have typically fallen into
other things. By now there were a
few mates round in my swim, as well
as my dad who was taking the pictures, and to say I was happy would
be an understatement. Once all the
commotion was over, and the fish
was returned safely to her home, I just
sat back on my bedchair, not worried
about getting the rod back out, as I
felt I had achieved my goal. I decided
to have a celebratory cup of tea with
my dad, and cast the rod back to the
same area. By this time it was nearly
4am, and I had caught the fish at 2.30,
but the sheer buzz and excitement
prevented me from getting back to
sleep. Just as I did finally get off to
bed, I had another take on the middle
rod, and after what felt like a lifetime
of playing the fish, I netted a lovely
26lb 12oz mirror. I took another few
snaps, and was off to bed.
I was up again at 6am with another
take, resulting in another mirror of just
over 20, which was quickly followed
up by a smaller common of around
15lb. It was soon getting on for midday, and I had to be off the lake due to
a private booking for the weekend, so
I was packing away thinking back on
a session I am sure I will never forget.
In total I had 14 fish over the four days
I was there, including the incredible
Scaley. It just goes to show that a bit
of extra thought, and doing something different to the rest will bring
the results, especially on such busy
day ticket waters where the fish are
under constant pressure. That extra
bit of thought and hard work will
bring the results, but it comes down
to effort; the more you put in, the
more fish you will catch, as we all
know, but it needs to be put into practice. Now I have finished on Sandy, I
will be looking at somewhere over the
winter for next season, and hopefully
have a few more stories to tell,
Tight lines and all the best. n


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