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Linford Finale
t’s been five years since I last
wrote about my time on Linford No 1 Lake. I would like to
take you through the intervening years and get bang up
to date. I didn’t fish during
the summer months, and I returned in
the autumn when the banks were
fairly quiet, and I had the lake pretty
much to myself in the week. We had a
nice southerly wind as I walked
around the lake, and I decided to set
up in the Canopy swim. It was a bit of
a rush trying to get the rods out in the
dying light, but by 7pm I was all set
up with the rods out. The right hand
rod was placed in the margins close
to reeds, and I baited this spot up
with hemp and boilies by hand. My
other two rods were fished at 40yds
range in a gulley between two
weedbeds. I baited this spot with just
boilies by catapult, and then settled in
for the night. I received the odd rod
tip knock on the margin rod during
the night, but it wasn’t until 6am that
I received a positive take with the rod
bending at an alarming rate. I got into
my waders as quickly as possible and
bent into the fish. It was a hectic
scrappy fight close in. The fish started
to tire out, and I coaxed it into the net.
The fish was a lovely common weighing 28lbs – what a lovely way to
return to the lake.
I returned the following week, and
Linford 28
there was a southerly wind again. I
plotted up in the same swim again,
and placed the baits in the same
spots. It was a Wednesday night, so
the banks were quiet, and I watched
the water until tiredness got the better of me. I was woken roughly the
same time as the previous week, but
it was one of the open water rods this
time. I eased off the clutch as the fish
powered off, and I then tightened up
and started to bring it in. I had a couple of hairy moments as the fish got
weeded up, but by keeping the rod as
high as I could and keeping the fish
moving, I got it out of the weed and
into the margins. The fish didn’t fight
much after this. With a lot of weed on
its head, I bundled the fish and weed
into the net. A nice mirror was lying in
t h e w e e d, a n d o n t h e s c a l e s i t
weighed 27lb 12oz. Only a few minutes after returning the fish my margin rod was away. I still had my
waders on, so I just hit into the fish
straight away. It was very hard fighting fish, making it into a weedbed
where it locked everything up for a
while. I waded along the margin to
get a better angle, and slowly got the
fish clear of the weed and into the
waiting net. The scales registered
another 27lb 2oz of fine mirror.
After that the action dried up for
me for a few months. I did get some
luck during December though. My
girlfriend had her Christmas work do


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